Is A Canon EOS R7 C (Cinema) Camera Coming In 2023?

Canon Eos R7 C

Another rumor from the series “it will happen sooner or later”.

Latest murmurings have it that Canon might release a Canon EOS R7 C mirrorless camera somewhere in 2023. That’s the Cinema edition of the just announced Canon EOS R7.

Says the source of the rumor:

The Canon EOS R7 C will record 7K60P in Cinema RAW Light and will reportedly have the same codec options as other Cinema EOS cameras, including the Canon EOS R5 C.

The source is quite confident about the rumor, despite the camera being scheduled to get announce in 2023 (according to the same source). That’s a bit of rather distant in the future to make any reliable claim, in our opinion.

That’s all, folks. Stay tuned.

[via Canon Rumors]