Firmware Update For Godox Flashes Supports Canon DSLRs With Missing Universal Hotshoe Pin

Canon Rebel Sl3

A few days ago we reported that Canon silently removed the universal hotshot pin from the Canon Rebel SL3 and Rebel T7.

The lack of the central, universal hotshot pin means that the Rebel SL3 won’t work with inexpensive third party flashes. A pretty annoying thing.

However, Godox announced that they related a firmware update for the company’s V860IICX1T-CTT350C and V350C flashes that makes these flashes work o the Rebel SL3 and Rebel T7.

The description for the firmware update mentions the Rebel T7 (EOS 1500D) but not the Rebel SL3. However, given that the description says it solves “[compatibility] problems of new cameras”, we are rather sure it applies also to the SL3.

You can download the Godox firmware updates from here.

Godox Flashes for Canon:

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[via PetaPixel]