Skylum Luminar 4.2 Released, Adds “AI Augmented Sky” Feature

Luminar 4

Skylum released Luminar 4.2, an update that brings he AI Augmented Sky feature.

The Skylum Luminar 4 update free and is installed from within the application. You can get Luminar 4 with a $10/€10 discount by using code WATCH at checkout (reg. $89).

The video below shows what you can do with the AI Augmented Sky feature.

Press release:

Luminar 4.2 opens up the doors to creativity with sky-based composite photography opportunities

With new AI Augmented Sky capabilities, photographers can create unique, one-of-a-kind digital art pieces.

NEW YORK, NY – March 19, 2020​ — Today, Skylum announced the latest update for its flagship product, ​Luminar​, version 4.2. This free update for all Luminar 4 users contains important enhancements across the application, plus a brand-new feature — AI Augmented Sky — to help photographers create incredible digital art.

While ​Luminar​ remains dedicated to being an award-winning photo editor, it also expands into being a creative powerhouse, allowing artists to express themselves through new, fun and unconventional ways of editing images.

The new AI Augmented Sky tool lets photographers transform their photographs to the new heights, by helping create unique digital art creations. The tool lets photographers place different objects directly on the sky, enabling creatives to make either a realistic landscape or transform it into something straight out of a fairy tale.

NEW AI Augmented Sky
In the Creative tab inside Luminar 4.2, there’s a new AI Augmented Sky tool present. Artists can choose objects from the Luminar database or use their own. Even with photos that have complex backgrounds like trees or buildings, there’s no need to involve masking or layers. Instead, the object seamlessly fits into the photograph, resulting in realistic self-expression.

AI Augmented Sky detects a photo’s sky automatically and adds the chosen element to the sky area. Thanks to content-aware technologies, foreground objects are taken into account automatically, making the object blend naturally with the sky. And if you want more control over the placement, you can easily drag the new element around the sky area.

“We’re really excited to see how photographers use the AI Augmented Sky to create digital works of art,” said ​Dima Sytnyk, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Skylum.​ “AI Augmented Sky can be used to make everything from subtle tweaks, like moving the moon in the sky, or to totally transform the world around us. The possibilities are endless!”

Transform the sky
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Luminar 4 With AI Sky Replacement Technology Announced, Preorder Now And Save

Luminar 4 Sky Replacement

Skylum announced Luminar 4 with Sky Replacement technology. Laminar 4 will be released in Fall 2019. If you preorder now you can save.

You can save on two Luminar 4 bundles:

Press release:

Sky’s the limit: Luminar 4 introduces the first automatic Sky Replacement technology

Utilizing the proprietary technology based on machine learning, Luminar 4 will be the first photo editor to have a fully automated Sky Replacement tool to save the artists hours of editing.

BELLEVUE, WA – July 23, 2019 — Today, Skylum announces the upcoming release of Luminar 4, set to ship this fall. Skylum continues to push innovations forward through machine learning tools. In addition to the new AI Sky Replacement tool, Luminar users can expect to see more machine learning present in Luminar 4. With its easy-to-use interface and sensible workflows, Luminar 4 is a great choice for creatives looking to move their photography forward.

“With Luminar 4 we continue to empower everyone who loves photography to make incredible images faster and easier,” said Alex Tsepko, CEO of Skylum. “No one needs a “simply another photo editor” these days. That’s why with every Luminar update we bring photographers something truly meaningful, something that will really level up their creative skills.

In Luminar 2018, Skylum introduced the AI Sky Enhancer filter, helping to add depth and color back into flat or blown-out skies. Earlier this year, Skylum added the Accent AI 2.0 filter to Luminar 3, a powerful content aware filter powered by machine learning to automatically enhance images. Now, with Luminar 4, AI Sky Replacement offers the first automatic tool for replacing skies. Machine learning tools like these are the foundation of the Luminar platform, helping to save photographers hours of manual labor so they can achieve their creative dreams.

Why AI Sky Replacement?
Sky replacement methods have become popular in recent years with landscape photographers, in order for them to truly showcase their creative vision. Up until now, photographers have spent minutes or even hours manually replacing skies, through tools like Smart Selection, Luminosity Masking, Overlaying, Layers, Masking, Smart Brush, Color Range and more. And even with all those tools, it was hard to get a perfect sky.

While development of AI Sky Replacement has been equally challenging, Skylum’s machine learning technology means that photographers can apply a realistic sky to their photograph in mere seconds, freeing up time to be more creative.

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Skylum Luminar 3.1.2 Released, Limited Time Discount ($50 for Luminar + Signature)

Skylum Luminar

Skylum Software released Luminar 3.1.2, our preferred Lightroom alternative.

The good news: Skylum has a promotion for the 4th of July going on. You get Luminar 3 and Signature at a reduced price. And it gets better: you get additional $10 discount by using code WATCH at checkout. So, Skylum Luminar 3 and Signature are yours for just $50 instead of $85. Don’t forget to use code WATCH at checkout.

Skylum Luminar 3.1.2 introduces a new feature called “On This Day.” Photographs are all about memories. To walk down memory lane with Luminar, simply click the “On this day” button in the menu.

skylum luminar

Other changes include:

Improved Import from flash card. Luminar 3 now brings you the fastest importing from your flash card ever. Less time waiting and more time for creativity.

Support for Nik Collection plugins. Now you can easily add plugins from the Nik Collection to your workflow and fully enjoy what they offer alongside all the tools in Luminar 3.

Overall performance and stability improvements. Improving Luminar’s performance is one of our team’s top priorities. With every new update, we try our best to make Luminar faster and more seamless so you can have amazing potential to express your creativity.

Skylum press text after the break.

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Skylum Luminar 3.1.1 Released, Brings Huge Speed Improvements

Skylum Luminar

Skylum released the free Luminar 3.1.1 update. Among other things, Luminar 3.1.1 brings substantial speed improvements, as you can see in the image in top.

You can get $10 instant discount in you purchase of Skylum Luminar by using code WATCH at checkout.

What’s new?

Apple Mac OS X:

  • Change the language. Now you can set the language in Luminar regardless of your system settings. Simply go to Main menu > Language and choose one from the list.
  • Easier navigation. Want to quickly find the folder that contains a specific photo but have too many folders to go through? Now all you have to do is right-click on the photo and select Go to > Folder in Library and you’re there!
  • Improved launch time. Now, starting from the second launch, the average launch time for Luminar is significantly faster. Even if you have hundreds of thousands of photos in your Library.
  • Faster album creation. In this update, we’ve boosted the speed of Luminar when creating new albums with large numbers of photos.

MS Windows:

  • Easier navigation. Want to quickly find the folder that contains a specific photo but have too many folders to go through? Now all you have to do is right-click on the photo and select Go to > Folder in Library and you’re there! You can even find all photos from the same date by right-clicking and selecting Go to > Images from the same date.
  • Improved launch time. Now, starting from the second launch, the average launch time for Luminar is significantly faster. Even if you have hundreds of thousands of photos in your Library.
  • Masking Brush. With this update, the masking brush becomes even smoother and more pleasant to use – and almost 2.5 times faster!
  • updated “What’s new”

Latest Skylum Luminar 3 Update Brings Enhanced Artificial Intelligence Filter

Skylum Luminar 3

Skylum released the free update ver. 3.1 for Skylum Luminar 3. The most notable feature of the update is the improved Accent AI filter (see video and description below).

We offer Canon Watch readers an exclusive $10 discount on the purchase of Skylum Luminar 3, just use code WATCH at checkout.

Skylum pres release:

We’ve been hard at work on Luminar and we’ve got a significant update to share with you. With Luminar 3.1.0 you’ll find several new improvements for both Mac and Windows. The next generation of Accent AI makes enhancing your images easier than ever before. Plus some performance and usability enhancements will make your editing workflow even faster.

Accent AI 2.0. Reimagined.

The improved Accent AI filter lets you get natural-looking results in less time. New “human-aware” technology recognizes people in your photos and applies adjustments selectively for more realistic images.

With Accent AI 2.0, you can make dozens of adjustments (done quickly) with just one slider. Fix tone, detail, exposure, depth, color, and more thanks to behind-the-scenes AI. In less than a second, your photos can look their absolute best. Make Accent AI 2.0 your go-to filter. (Tip: It can even replace the Develop step for most photographers!) For beautiful photos, rely on Accent AI 2.0 as your starting point.

skylum lunimar
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Skylum Luminar 3 Gets TIPA Award for “Best Imaging Software” (and we give you $10 discount)

Luminar 3

Skylum Luminar 3 won a TIPA 2019 award for “Best Imaging Software”.

Luminar 3 is an excellent photo editing software, and a viable alternative to Lightroom. We offer you a $10 discount on Luminar 3, you pay $59 instead of $69 by using code “WATCH” on checkout.

Press release:

Luminar 3 earns TIPA award for “Best Imaging Software” 

Skylum latest Luminar 3 release recognized for groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence tools, including AI Sky Enhancer, and consistent innovation.

BELLEVUE, WA – April 2, 2019 — Skylum Software today announced that it is the recipient of the 2019 Best Imaging Software award by the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA), citing the software’s simplicity in organizing, editing and enhancing images. The TIPA World Awards ceremony will be held on May 17, 2019, in Tokyo, Japan.

Luminar 3 is an all-in-one photo editor and management platform that enables photographers to harness both the power of AI technology and simple yet powerful and precise editing tools in their workflow.

“Simplicity in an image editor need not mean being limited to only basic effects and enhancements. Luminar 3 offers a raft of tools in an efficient workspace that offers numerous Looks (presets) as well as all that is needed by many photographers to get the best and most expressive results from their images,” reads the award citation.

TIPA applauded Luminar’s “sophisticated editing tools that allow advanced users to take a deeper dive into editing,” including its AI Sky Enhancer filter, as well as its over 70 default styles created by professional photographers.

Skylum also received the award for Luminar in 2017, and this year’s award reflected the company’s commitment to consistent innovation and improvements. In addition, Luminar has received various other top awards, including those from Outdoor Photographer and the Lucie Technical Awards.

“We are so honored to be awarded ‘Best Imaging Software’ by TIPA for Luminar 3. It shows the power and uniqueness that Luminar 3 holds for photographers, offering a single interface for a photographer’s post-production workflow,” said Alex Tsepko, CEO of Skylum.

The AI tools recognized by TIPA were developed at Skylum’s AI Lab. Skylum invests in this nascent field to bring photographers the latest tools to help ease image editing headaches. With Artificial Intelligence, a single smart slider can do the work of several tools, saving time and enabling casual photographers to create pro-caliber images. By harnessing this technology, photographers can achieve superior results with a minimum of work. 

In addition to Luminar, Skylum is also bringing AI tools to the upcoming Luminar Flex, a plugin which will offer the editing power of Luminar to those who choose to stick with their current workflow. Moreover, the company’s new AirMagic software utilizes AI to evaluate aerial photographs, applying modifications to common drone photography problems like haze, low contrast, and undersaturation.

The continued efforts from Skylum into the AI space shows how photographers can utilize new and exciting technologies to create unique, creative photographs like never before.

“At Skylum, it’s our mission to create tools that photographers can harness the power of through AI, but leave the creativity in their hands,” said Tsepko. “We love seeing what photographers create, and this award from TIPA celebrates our tools just that much more.” 

Get Skylum Luminar 3 for $59 using code “WATCH” at checkout.