Canon Prepares For Increased Homeworking, Releases The Canon Posture Fit Camera

Canon Posture Fit

The global pandemic led to more people working from home. It seems that Canon is taking this in account by releasing a new concept camera called the Posture Fit.

The Canon Posture Fit, Canon’s latest concept camera, recognizes when you sit down at the desk the Posture Fit is placed. From there it will periodically check how you are seating. After an hour it advises to stand up and to take a break.

The video below tells the story of Canon’s concept cameras and which ideas and concepts led to them. If you want to just see the presentation of the Posture Fit jump to minute 24:20.

Says Canon about their concept cameras:

Our relationship with cameras is radically transforming. Canon designers work hard to experience the mindset of customers, and with a strong commitment to understanding, have come up with many innovative new designs. This video seminar tells the story of how designers in charge of the IVY REC, PowerShot ZOOM and Posture Fit Device developed the design of these products by understanding users’ passion through opinion gathering at trade expos and other activities.

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The Canon Posture Fit