Canon Takes Over Canadian Chipmaker Redlen For $270M

Eos R With Aps-c

As you fine and well-informed folks surely know, there is a chip shortage going on. Blame the pandemic, as usual.

Nikkei Asia reports that Canon is about to acquire the Canadian chip maker Redlen. For $270M. It’s not much about cameras but for computer tomography (CT( scanners.

Canon is developing CT scanners that reduce radiation exposure to one-tenth by leveraging Redlen technology that efficiently detects X-rays.

Redlen Technologies, created in 1999, currently employs around 200 workers. It does not disclose its annual sales. Canon has a 15% stake in the Canadian company and appears to have agreed with other shareholders to buy the remaining 85%.

The acquisition is expected to be completed this fall.

Canon would be able to make the needed chips on their own.