ShutterCount and Kuuvik Capture Apps Now Support The Canon EOS R


Both ShutterCount 3.4 and Kuuvik Capture 4.1 now support the new Canon EOS R.

Kuuvik Capture is a powerful tethering software and can be purchased in the Mac App Store.

ShutterCount allows you to get accurate statistics about how often the shutter has been released on your camera. Useful in many occasions, especially when you’re buying a second hand camera and want to know how often the shutter has been released. ShutterCount is available in Mac App Store. For cameras with WiFi there is an iOS version too.

ShutterCount App updated with graphs and forecasts, outdated firmware warning, and more features

Dire Studio updated their popular ShutterCount app (MacOS and iOS only) with a rich feature pack:

The Plus Pack contains graphs and forecasts, outdated firmware warning, simple time and date synchronization and history log duplicate removal. The Plus Pack is an optional add-on, and can be purchased from within the Mac and iOS versions of ShutterCount.

The Plus Pack’s graphing and forecasting features take advandage of your existing history logs, with no need to round-trip the data into another application to visualize your camera usage habits. ShutterCount also knows your camera’s shutter durability rating, and calculates the forecast based on that number.

The Plus Pack is available as in app purchase. The ShutterCount app is available for MacOS and iOS.