Save Big On Memory Cards And Storage Products (at B&H Photo)

SanDisk 512GB Memory

B&H Photo has a rich offer on discounted storage products and memory cards.

For World Backup Day you can go for solid discounts on memory and storage products at B&H Photo.

Who doesn’t need a memory card?

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It’s World Backup Day, And You Can Take Advantage Of These Deals

World Backup Day

Today it’s world backup day. As a former system administrator and DBA, I can’t stress enough the importance of a proper done backup. You shot that once in a year picture? Get sure you have some secured copies somewhere.

For world backup day, major retailers have deals on storage media (hard disks, memory ecc) on offer. See all world backup day offers at B&H Photo and Amazon US.

You.Shall.Do.Regular.Backups! If you want to take your backup strategy to the next level, start with this NY Times article.

Hand-picked deals are listed here.

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Memory Card Deals: Save Big On SanDisk And WD Storage (today only)

Memory Card Deals

Today’s Amazon Gold Box deals feature a rich set of memory card deals on SanDisk and Western Digital memory and storage solutions.

Click here to see all SanDisk and Western Digital memory card deals and storage solution deals.

More hand-picked deals are listed here.

Today’s Gold Box and one day only deals at Amazon USAmazon DEAmazon UKB&H Photo, eBayAdorama.

Refurbished lenses and DSLRs at Canon Store (best deals to be found here)

Save $10 on Luminar 4 and/or Aurora HDR 2019 using our code “WATCH” at checkout.

Black Friday UK: Save Big On SanDisk Memory Cards And Storage Products

Black Friday UK

Black Friday UK: Amazon UK has serious discounts on SanDisk memory cards and storage products. Rebates go up to 30%.

Click here to see all discounted SanDisk memory cards and storage products.

If you are in the UK and are looking out to but a Canon EOS R or EOS RP then Park Cameras might have a deal for you for Black Friday UK.

More Black Friday deals at Park Camera UK are listed here. All Park Camera’s Canon deals for Black Friday, camera deals, and lens deals.

All Black Friday Germany Amazon photo deals (cameras, lenses, accessories) are listed here.

European Canon Stores have Black Friday week pages with deals: Canon UK | Canon DE | Canon NL | Canon FR | Canon IT

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We offer 10% discount to subscriptions to Pixpa all-in-one platform for photographers.

Amazon Europe stores have Black Friday deal pages online: Amazon DE | Amazon UK | Amazon FR | Amazon IT

More selected and hand-picked Black Friday Canon deals are listed after the break.

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These Are The Best Memory Cards For Your Brand New Canon EOS 90D

Memory Cards

Alik Griffin did a huge job. He compared a large number of memory cards to see which one performs best on the Canon EOS 90D.

We recommend you have a look at Alik’s article to understand how he tested the memory cards, how he ranks them based on value and performance, and much more. To be honest, this might be one of the most complete articles on memory storage cards to be used on cameras.

The top 5 cards based on Alik’s ranking are:

  1. Sony G Tough – 102.61MB/s
  2. Prograde v90 – 103.34MB/s 
  3. Delkin Prime v90 – 104.21MB/s
  4. Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-II – 99.26MB/s
  5. Adata v90 – 104.92MB/s 

As I wrote before, head over to Alik Griffin’s article to get the whole story, the test method, and more useful insights. It’s worth. There is also something to learn about counterfeit memory cards.

You can follow Alik Griffin on Instagram and Twitter.