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Tamron 90mm f/2.8 SP Di MACRO 1:1 VC USD Review (The Phoblographer)

Tamron 90mm f/2.8

Image courtesy: The Phoblographer

The Phoblographer reviewed the Tamron 90mm f/2.8 SP Di MACRO 1:1 VC US lens (price & specs). A Canon EOS 5D Mark II (price & specs) was used for the test. With a price tag of $799 this lens is rather affordable. The review comes with lots of sample images, it’s definitely worth to be read if you are looking forward to get this lens.


  • Extremely sharp image quality
  • Beautiful bokeh
  • Simple design
  • Fairly compact for a long lens
  • Extremely light
  • Included lens hood just makes the images look so much nicer
  • Fast focusing except when going down to the macro levels
  • Very affordable


  • Our version needed a bit of micro-adjustment
  • We wish there was weather sealing incorporated into the lens


Macro lenses are very fun to use. Not only do they give you some outstanding close focusing abilities, but they’re also usually characterized as being extremely good as portrait lenses. In our time with the lens, we couldn’t find a single reason to not purchase this lens if you’re in the market for a telephoto macro optic. One potential flaw may be that one may want an f2 lens instead of f2.8, but keep in mind that you’ll get the best results with this lens (and mostly any lens) if you incorporate the use of flash to emphasize the specular highlights that really make this lens shine.

Indeed, it was a pleasure to use this lens. It breathed lots of life into my Canon 5D Mk II and I’m going to miss the lens. However, I personally don’t shoot enough macro images to justify this purchase. And as far as portrait lenses go, I’m very happy with Sigma’s 85mm f1.4 EX–which is in some ways a competitor to a lens like Tamron’s latest addition.

But in the end, this lens renders color so well, we’re pleased to say that it is right up there with Zeiss and Rokinon. Though the three companies render color totally differently, the colors from this lens will appeal to many pros interested in a lens like this.

Tamron 90mm f/2.8 SP Di MACRO 1:1 VC US price check: Amazon, B&H Photo, Digitalrev, eBay, Adorama, Canon USA

  • 90mm Macro Prime Lens
  • Aperture Range: f/2.8-32
  • 1:1 Maximum Reproduction Ratio
  • Vibration Compensation
  • Internal Focus System
  • Ultrasonic Silent Motor Drive
  • eBAND Hybrid Lens Coating
  • Extra-low Dispersion Optical Elements
  • Moisture-Resistant Construction

Tamron 90mm f/2.8

[via The Phoblographer]

  • Drob

    I’m sure this tamron is a great lens but for a 100 dollars more you could purchase then Canon 100mm 2.8L IS which is awesome. At such a close price range I definitely would make the jump to the Canon. Tamron needs to bring their price down about 200 to be considered a budget alternative and be competitive.

    • Hmmm

      Is the Canon actually better in some way that justifies spending $100 more, or are you just paying $100 extra for the “Canon” logo and the red ring?

      • Drob

        Don’t actually own the lens, just rented it. Loved it. Probably paying for the red ring but it has better weather sealing and for 100 dollars more you’re paying for canons quality, knowing that the lens is only made for canon, by canon engineers. Sigma and tamron are upping the ante on their lenses but at the slim price margin the tamron 90mm is at, I choose Canon L series hands down. But again if the tamron were coming in at 500-600, then I’d be tempted with the tamron.

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