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This Photographer switched back to Canon from Sony, here is why

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We usually see a lot of post/articles where photographers explain they switched away from Canon, usually to Sony or Fuji.

Photographer Marc Schultz leaved Canon for Sony, and now he is coming back. He lists 5 reason for his switch back to Canon.

  1. Better Autofocus for Video
  2. Canon Log
  3. Better Color Science
  4. Ease Of Use
  5. Feel In The Hand

I think the first 3 points don’t need much of a discussion, especially Canon having a much better color rendering than the competition. The last 2 points, “ease of use” and “feel in the hand” are rarely underlined when people compares Canon ergonomics to the competition’s solutions. Canon not only has a great interface and menu system, but as Marc Schultz says about holding a Canon camera in his hands:

One of the most important things, something often less emphasized by others, is how a camera feels in your hand when shooting. When I am clutching a Canon DSLR, I always feel like it is just the perfect fit and feel, which gives me a relaxed confidence when shooting. This is something that is very necessary in my opinion in order to stay focused on what you are shooting, and without being distracted by the awkward or uncomfortable shape of a camera that you don’t like.

Couldn’t agree more. These things are as much important as sensor resolution or fancy features.

[via Marc Schultz via PetaPixel]
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