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A Bit of Everything (Sony, Lensbaby, Sigma, Tips & Tricks)

Above: Why I made the Big Switch to Sony (and a message to Canon and Fujifilm) – Sean Tucker

Above: Deciphering the Canon Optical Wireless Flash Communication Protocol – Science’n’me

Lensbaby Sol 45 f/3.5 Lens review by Fstoppers

Here are seven things they did not tell you before you bought the Sony A7IIIDIY Photography

First impressions review of the Sigma 105mm f/1.4 Art lens – The “Bokeh Master” – DIY Photography

How to photograph Meteor Showers – Canon DLC

Five Tips for Better Outdoor Portraits – Canon DLC

Natural Light Portraiture – Canon DLC

Creative Uses of Extreme Focal Lengths for Landscape Photography – Canon DLC

This is Why Your Photos are Boring (But It’s Not Really Your Fault) – The Phoblographer

Review: Canon EOS M50 (Canon EF-M) (Not Bad, But Not Fantastic) – The Phoblographer

Review: Tamron 70-210mm f4 Di VC USD (Canon EF) – The Phoblographer

Five reasons why the 35mm lens can be perfect for travel photography – DIY Photography

Five (More) Uncomfortable Truths About Photography – Digital Photography School

Review: Canon EF 24-105mm f4 L IS USM IIThe Phoblographer

ePhotozine reviewed the Canon Rebel T100/EOS 4000D, the cheapest DSLR you can buy, and they say there is little to like.

This instant camera turns everything you shoot into cartoon doodles – DIY Photography

NameThatLens is a cross-platform tool to inject EXIF data into vintage lens photos – DIY Photography

Ten steps to follow if you want to become a full-time photographer – DIY Photography

Below: 7 Reasons To Buy The Canon 6Dii Instead Of The Sony A7iii – Camera Conspiracies

Below: Why I ditched full frame for micro four thirds cameras ? [Canon vs Panasonic Mirrorless]

Below: Why Sony is absolutely KILLING it right now – The Art of Photography

Below: Canon C200 Review – 6 MONTHS LATER! – Armando Ferreira

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