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Another Weird Rumor About A Supposed Foveon-Like Sensor By Canon

Foveon-Like Sensor By Canon

Another rumor about the possibility that Canon may work on a new sensor design (Foveon-like sensor?), for a camera supposed to be announced in 2015.

The rumor states that “someone from Canon” payed a visit to some NYC-based studios with a “test 1D-X” body to do some strictly supervised test. So strictly supervised that images were allowed to be processed only on a special laptop (carried along with the camera). No images were allowed to be kept.

Apparently this test-camera produced images of about the same size of the EOS 5D Mark III, but showing a better color rendition and more details, and no moire-artifacts. This super-secret camera is supposed to be announced at the end of 2014 and more plausibly during 2015. If the images are of the same size of the 5D3 it can’t be the high-res sensor that others are speculating about.

Can’t say anything about that. However, it is true that Canon filed a patent for a Foveon-sensor some time ago. Please note that the reported rumor isn’t mentioning a Foveon-like sensor. That’s an information I got some time ago and didn’t post because I didn’t consider it reliable. The better color rendition, more details and no moiré point all in this direction.

The Canon-rumor-mill is getting chaotic in the last months, and I have to say that I am starting to feel always more reluctant to report all the rumors that surface on the web. There is a lot of wishful thinking related to Canon gear that’s floating around, especially since Sony announced their three A7 camera in the last month. But then: it’s Canon Watch’s duty to be on top of everything related to Canon.

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  • Michal Rosa

    I don’t care what it is, I just want to see Canon to finally do something. Anything really. Refreshing low-end Rebels with new names does not count as anything creative.

    • Patrik

      So true! I switched to Sony for that reason. Only way to get me back is if they come up with the 7D II at Photokina. Expecting 10fps burst, 20mp, fast hybrid AF and finally 4k video in an APS cam!

    • Wade Marks

      It’s kind of a myth that Canon hasn’t done anything great lately.

      First, there’s the dual pixel AF of the 70d…that’s pretty impressive. And I still say the SL-1 dslr is something of a breakthrough with regards to size and weight; it effectively competes against far more expensive mirrorless models but still gives you great IQ and use of the Canon lens lineup, along with the advantages of a dslr.

      So it’s not like Canon has been standing still.

      However, let’s remember there is a difference between internet chatter on sites like this one, and the real world. In the real world, Canon still outsells all other brands, and is one of 3 camera companies to actually turn a profit. Those low end Rebels pay the bills.

      A lot of the cameras generating buzz today…like the Fuji XT1 and the Olympus OMD EM1, sell far less than those low end Rebels. Now they are fine cameras, but one has to be aware of business realities.

      In the real world, most people find Canon cameras to be far more than adequate. Amateurs find that Canon low end Rebels are great for their uses. Here, the problem is moreso that Canon makes these low end Rebels so good that users don’t feel a need to always be upgrading.

      Pro’s find Canon high end equipment to be great. A Canon 5d iii and 1dx do just fine. i know pro’s who use these cameras and it’s not like they are starving while waiting for Canon to release new models.

      So a bit of perspective is in order. I too would like Canon to amaze us each week with some new wow technology, but that’s not the way it works. For the vast majority of people Canon makes fine equipment. Most people would be proud to own a Canon.

      • canonwatch


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