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Canon Deals: EOS 7D for $1069, and 5D Mark III Still Available for $2559

canon deals

Top Rated Plus eBay seller bigvalueinc (99.2% positive ratings) has the Canon EOS 7D on sale for $1,069.37. New item in original box, free shipping. Please note the sellers advice:

The Canon EOS 7D that we are selling is 100% Brand New, Never Used. To save the consumer money, there are instances where we send a Canon 7D camera in a Canon box which originally included a Canon lens as well. Please be assured that if you ordered a Canon EOS 7D body, that it is 100% Brand New, never used or operated, with all accompanying manufacturer paperwork.

The same seller also has the Canon EOS 5D Mark III for ridiculous $2549 (click here). New item in original box, free shipping.

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