The Canon EOS 7D Mark II Shows Up As Discontinued at B&H Photo (EOS 7D Mark III Rumor)

Canon Eos 7d Mark Iii

Thanks Peter.

Not that we didn’t know Canon will announce the Canon EOS 7D Mark III soon.

B&H Photo lists the Canon EOS 7D Mark II body only option as discontinued. First signs were already visible in April 2018.

Yes, it is a sign the Canon EOS 7D Mark III is coming (all rumors). The next announcement date candidate is ahead of Photokina 2019 (in May 2019), so it would be Q1 2019. We give it a 50% reliability at the time of writing. So far very little has leaked about the EOS 7D Mark III. All we know comes from leaked data from wireless certification authorities.

I wonder if the Canon EOS 7D Mark III will eventually have a tiltable display. There will also be an obvious increase in sensor resolution. What else can we expect?

Stay tuned, there is more to come…

Canon EOS 7D Mark II: B&H Photo | Adorama | Canon USA | Amazon

How to setup a Canon EOS 7D with various lenses for a wedding shot (video)

eos 7d

CanonUSA posted an informative, 7 minutes tutorial video about how to set up for a professional wedding shot. A Canon EOS 7D and different lenses (70-200mm, 24mm,35mm, 14mm etc) are used in the tutorial. The background music it at least weird, but the tutorial is cool and helpful in explaining a wedding shot setup and the how to of a successful shooting session.

That’s what happens when Leaf Cutter Ants chew away on your gear

The video above tells the story that happened to two photographers who wanted to set up a photo trap to capture a shot of a jaguar.

Things didn’t work out as expected. They were using a Canon EOS 7D, an off-camera flash, and an IR sensor. Everything seemed fine, the surprise came when they went back the day after. A horde of leaf cutter ants destroyed all the equipment. Incredible what this little pesky insects can do!

[via PetaPixel via The Jungle Diaries]

Canon EOS 7D on-camera tutorial videos

Eos 7d

CanonUSA posted a series of tutorial videos about the Canon EOS 7D (Mark I). See them below. A bit late for EOS 7D tutorial videos, since we have the EOS 7D Mark II available since a while. However, most of what is discussed can well be applied to other Canon DSLRs.

Battery display tutorial

Customizing Operations

Live View Basics

Zone AF

Spot AF

Manual AF Point Selection

Viewfinder Options

Canon EOS 7D deal – $599 (refurbished, Canon Store)

Eos 7d

Thanks Niklas. The Canon Direct Store has a pretty good deal on refurbished Canon EOS 7D. The EOS 7D bodies are on sale for just $599. It’s refurbished gear, but it is refurbished by Canon and it comes with 1 year warranty.

It’s always a good idea to have a look at the Canon Direct Store’s refurbished gear. You may spot some very good deals!