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Beefed up Canon EOS 6D Mark II instead of Canon EOS 5D Mark IV? [CW1]

Beefed Up Canon EOS 6D Mark II Instead Of Canon EOS 5D Mark IV? [CW1]

I got an EOS 6D Mark II rumor I want to post in its completeness. While I do not think this rumor is reliable, I decided to post it for two reasons: 1) it’s a scenario that’s at least possible, and 2) it will make the rounds sooner or later. The rumor (slightly modified from the original):

Canon is going to make some changes to its full-frame line-up. The replacement for EOS 5D Mark III is going to be the same camera which will replace the EOS 6D, and its name will be EOS 6D Mark II. That’s right, there won’t be an EOS 5D Mark IV, and the EOS 6D Mark II will be upgraded in its market position compared to the EOS 6D but at the same time downgraded compared to the EOS 5D Mark III. I personally find it odd that Canon took this decision and I haven’t been told why it did so. My guess is that this would be a reasonable decision if and only if a lower-cost model derived from the EOS 1D line hit the streets as a replacement or upgrade to the EOS 5D Mark III. I have no information regarding the EOS 6D Mark II specifications except that a dual-pixel autofocus sensor is under last-stage testing at Canon, but I’ve no idea whether it will make it in the end product, this will depend on the testers’ feedback. However, a non-DPAF sensor is also in last-stage testing, so it cannot be said at the moment whether the EOS 6D Mark II will feature DPAF or not. The engineering team had significant difficulty incorporating DPAF capability on the full-frame sensor within the cost constraints they were told to honor, so it’s not guaranteed that the result will pass the requirements if the “shortcuts” taken by the engineers to stay within the cost constraints didn’t work. I also learn through another less-trustful but still believable channel that the price point of the EOS 6D Mark II will stay at the same level as that of the EOS 6D.

No EOS 5D Mark IV (all rumors) but a beefed up EOS 6D Mark II (all rumors) instead? What do you think?

  • David Small

    I hope its true, as then I will buy one.

  • Marko Nara

    This is probably a misunderstood.

    The original Canon EOS 6D formula was: Update the 5Dmk2 with a Lighter body, Single SD Slot, WIFI/NFC/GPS, a slightly improved AF, newer software, and make it cost less than 2000USD.

    I guess this formula will be used again in the 6Dmk2 according to this rumor, but in this time will be an Updated and cheaper version of the current 5Dmk3, with a lighter body, single card and less Frame Rate, WIFI/NFC/GPS, slightly improve 61AF, Maybe DUAL PIXEL AF and Touch Screen / Tillable screen. (No 4K)

    This doesn’t mean that the 5DX (5D mk4) will be skiped. That will be a sighly less capable 1DXmk2. And at this time, I guess it will house 4K Video so it will be Over the 6Dmk2.

    • Wade Marks

      I think yours is a more likely interpretation.

      There is no way, no how, that Canon is going to forsake the 5D brand value and take this route. The 5D series for Canon is absolutely critical both in terms of sales and reputation. For Canon to somehow try to make the 6D into the successor to the 5Diii would be brand suicide, at least at the full frame level. And why would Canon want to put out a lesser priced model, when they know full well there are a whole lot of people out there who will pony up for a 5d iv at a much higher price point?

      I think we can safely assume that the next Canon FF will be the 5d mark iv, or 5dx, or whatever they call it, but it will be a 5d. This rumor is either misinterpreted, as suggested by Marko, or else just plain wrong.

      • Dilbert

        I know several people who switched to Nikon because of the D750… I’m afraid a 5DmarkIV would only accelerate that at the price range it would be sold. It may be wishful thinking but I REALLY hope Canon answers the D750 fast… I’d buy that camera in a heartbeat if it was compatible with my Canon gear. At the risk of stating the obvious… why can’t we consider the 5Ds the 5DmarkIV?

        • Vertex

          you fell for the PR hype…. borrow one. the 750D is not a miracle camera.

          nikon was losing marketshare in 2015 canon increased it´s DSLR marketshare… so not many canon user could have switched.

          sure overall the camera market declined in 2015.
          but canon managed to get a bigger piece of the shrinking pie.

          it´s should be obvious but sensors alone don´t make good cameras.
          i bought a A7R and sold it after three month.

          sony has had some good years but i predict 2016 will be a hard year for sony.
          sensor demand has already be overstated as we see.
          and sony is not exactly making cheap cameras anymore.

          the A6300 is pretty epensive compare to the bestseller A6000.
          sony lenses cost more than canon equivalents.

          i think canon has done everything right until now.
          making a profit while keeping R&D costs under control.
          but this year they have to offer a good mirrorless alternative.
          not FF but a really good APS-C mirrorless camera.

          by the way:

          the 5Ds is not considered the 5D MK4 because it is a SPECIALISED camera.
          while the “normal” 5D line is the BEST allround camera in canons lineup.

          • Dilbert

            Thanks for the reply. I haven’t tried the D750 I just know 3 people that bought them… 2 of which sold all their Canon gear… and for whatever it’s worth neither is looking back. I couldn’t make statistics on it obviously. I don’t know what’s your take on the matter but I just want a FF Canon camera with better autofocus and dynamic range than the 6D at a sub 5D price… that’s mainly why I am very attracted to the D750 but I intend on waiting patiently for Canon’s move. You’re probably right in terms of the 5D being a better all rounder but for certain people such as wedding photographers dynamic range recovery can be pretty big when you don’t control lighting conditions that well… even at the risk of making a few concessions like Nikon ergonomics (lmao). Anyways I take it you’ve tried the D750? What did you dislike about it?

      • Thomas E.

        I may not know as much as many of y’all. But from where I stand, owning a 50D and now a 7D, I want FF performance, and almost got the 7D-ii, but I want the FF performance to get the shots I want.

        The prospect of a 5D-iv with DP, 8+fps, touch screen, gps, and 4K video becomes a holly grail camera.

        Especially if they go to about 26-28 MP and can do a 1.5 scale for the 4K, the numbers are there. I ran the numbers this morning, and right around 25.something MP at 4:3 aspect ratio will give you 4096×1.5 width for 4K. I would expect being able to do a 1.5x scale in the DIGIC processor for video should be very doable, no???

        Really, about the only thing they would be missing is on camera video image stabilization.

        Personally, if they can get the camera out as I describe, they are likely to get me off the shelf.

        I just with I knew. I am actually thinking about replacing the 7D and 50D with a refurb 70D so I get better video.

        • Marko Nara

          I don’t think most of Canon users will like to Switch to Nikon that easily. Yeah, they got better sensors, but also Sony has that advantage. The core of Canon Gear has been and will always be the Glass.

          Mr. Go Tokura from Image Communications Products Operations say this himself: “One of the differences between us and our competition is the EF lens lineup…”

          Cheaper, Better and with more options of Glass. Long time shooters already have a ton of money on glass, they will not switch to Nikon just for a sensor, and some extra possibilities to fix a RAW image in Post.

          • Wade Marks

            It appears from the 1 DX mark ii and the 80D that Canon has pretty much closed the gap with the Sony sensors. I think you will see going forward that the Canon sensors are just about as good, and who knows, maybe even better.

            So no more reason to buy Sony or Nikon for the sensor advantage, at least with the new models that Canon is rolling out.

  • Giorgio

    Canon to destroy the immensely popular “5D” sub-brand? I don’t think it’s possible.
    It is more likely that a new 5D4 has been spotted in a camouflage body: just a new 5D with a “6D2” label.

    • Vertex

      most possible… it´s utter nonsense the CW admin created himself….

    • MdB

      Why does this ‘kill’ the 5D brand? The 5DS is already available and quite new. It is entirely conceivable that the 5D brand remains in these models as a D810 competitor and the 6D II as a D750 competitor.

  • Chris Giles

    I think it’s total BS. Any 5D replacement, regardless of the name, will already be in the field being tested as I type. The sensor is going to be already complete and decided on. Cameras are designed a couple of years before they make launch. To still be deciding on a sensor for it sounds highly irregular.

    Plus there’s branding. I totally believe in the 5DX name and can believably see a sports based 5D camera in the 5DX with the 5DS model being for studio and portraits. That would make more sense that replacing it with a 6Dii.

  • Rick

    this seems odd.

    the 6D and xxD shared ergonomics, the 7D and 5D shared ergonomics. it will be difficult to merge those two.

    also DPAF on full frame has been done already with the 1DX so why the difficulty? engineering “shortcuts”? you either can produce the sensor within the realm of appropriate yields or you cannot.

    the ONLY time canon’s downgraded a model was when they split a line, not when they are amalgamating. not to mention that canon themselves stated that they are going to create more focused cameras, not more generic.

  • There still vacant place in a lineup. EOS 3(D). Canon should finally drop ‘D’ add-on letter. Everything is digital since 00s. This D is pointless and blocks EOS 3 from appearing in EOS production line. I used to have original EOS 3 and it was absolutely awesome.

    • Dragon

      I have been waiting for the 3. Most of 1 in a standard body size with a little less ruggedizing and a lot less weight would be really nice.

  • Dilbert

    I think this makes a lot of sense. One of the most aggressive competitors to Canon cameras in the full frame segment is probably the Nikon D750. It’s exactly that; a slightly handicapped yet extremely capable D810, at a more accessible price. You can get a brand new D750 for the price of a used 5DmarkIII… makes the switch pretty tempting! This is what Canon needs to go after in my humble opinion. It doesn’t mean they won’t release a 5DmarkIV but as of now if I’d be Canon I’d go after the D750 first.

    • Jon Hellier

      I will never switch from Canon to Nikon/Sony. Canon has better ergonomics, more realistic colour rendition and has great lenses. I can’t stand Nikon/Sony ergonomics and colours. This is something that will never change no matter how good their bodies/sensors are.

      • Dilbert

        I really intend to stay with Canon too, for the lenses in particular (love my Canon glass) but I really envy the D750’s dynamic range and autofocus system compared to my current 6D, if Canon can finally catch up in only those two departments with a new 6D iteration, I’ll be super happy!!!

      • Refurb7

        +1 to that. I have bought and sold Nikon and Sony camera bodies. Sold them for those reasons, mainly poor ergonomics and unappealing color. Those are deal-breakers for me. Canon may not be perfect, but they do ergonomics and color very well.

      • Wade Marks

        And the next 5d model will have the new Canon sensor tech, which for all intents and purposes will put it at parity with the Sony/Nikon sensors.

        • Dilbert

          I really hope so!

  • Vertex

    “…That’s right, there won’t be an EOS 5D Mark IV…”

    don´t know why anyone would post such complete and utter nonsense…..

    the 6D is an entry level FF camera.
    they might make the MK2 much better to compete with a D750 but it sure wont take the place of the 5D line.

    the usual CLICKBAIT crap from canonwatch…

  • true

    Bad news if true.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    No way would they diminish the “5D” brand. But I would buy a less expensive, improved evolved sensor stills 5Dx without 4K

  • Mikhail

    Give it a fully articulated screen already, and count me in.

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