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Canon EOS 6D Serious Moire Issue (Gizmodo Review)

Gizmodo published their short review of the Canon EOS 6D (price & specs). They praise the excellent image quality, low light performance, and all the rest of the goods that you get with Canon’s entry level full frame DSLR. But…there is a big “but”: video performance of the EOS 6D is not au pair with the quality of still images. The 6D can not hold up to the outstanding video capabilities of its bigger brother, the EOS 5D Mark III (price & specs). The problem are serious moire issues, clearly visible in the crops in the video above. Gizmodo writes:

In comparing still image quality, we found the 6D to produce nearly identical results as the 5D Mark III—that is to say, beautiful. You will not be disappointed with this camera’s terrific abilities to produce low-noise pictures at high ISOs. Sharpness is great, only slightly exceeded by Nikon’s D800 or D600.

Video, however, is another story. All signs pointed toward the 6D sharing the same great video quality of the 5D MK3. The thing that the 5D3 does so well—that no other DSLR has accomplished—is reducing moire patterns (rainbow-like bands along detailed surfaces). But the 6D fails where the 5D3 prevailed. Moire is rampant. This single failure ruins the 6D as a viable alternative to the 5D3 for professional video.

The moire issues of the EOS 6D have already been discussed over the net, if future reviews will replicate and confirm the problem it would be a pity for an otherwise so awesome EOS 6D, which, btw, produces less sensor noise than the EOS 5D Mark III.

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[via Gizmodo]


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