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Canon EOS 70D Dual Pixel AF is is Terrific and Unrivaled (Gizmodo)

Gizmodo reviewed Canon’s latest foray in the APS-C market segment, the Canon EOS 70D. The EOS 70D has many of the best features of other Canon DSLRs,  WiFi from the EOS 6D (price & specs), AF from the 7D(price & specs), the superb touchscreen of the Rebel T5i/700D (price & specs) and EOS M(price & specs), and others. This is a common practice of Canon: a new model resembles all the best features of other Canon DSLRs, and adds one innovative or at least new feature to the set. The EOS 70D’s absolutely innovative feature is the Dual Pixel AF, described by the reviewer as “terrific and unrivaled”.

Dual Pixel AF

Canon EOS 70D
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The Dual Pixel AF makes the difference between the EOS 70D and other comparable DSLRs (and mirrorless systems, imo). As Gizmodo puts it:

the 70D is the first DSLR camera we have seen that performs natural and consistent focusing while shooting video. That means people without much experience can shoot casual video with better results, and even certain professional users can benefit.

Hence, Gizmodo thinks that the 70D is for

Enthusiast or budding photographers who also shoot a lot of documentary, run and gun, or home video

However, they are not excited by the image quality, stating that there still is no significative improvement over the last generations of Canon APS-C DSLRs. Well, I do not agree, though it is true that Canon has a very conservative approach to sensor improvements. As we often heard from our sources: one of the priorities in Canon’s sensor development  is the low light/high ISO performance. In my everyday experience shooting with the 70D (and while editing) I see an improvement in IQ, also compared to more recent sensors, like the one featured in the EOS M.

Moiré artefacts in video is another issue Gizmodo’s reviewer found. About the video IQ:

it still exhibits significant moire distortion in certain subjects, and just looks a bit muddy in finely detailed shots. True, it’s no worse than every other DSLR out there except the very top end—the 5D Mark III and Nikon D800

So, everything aligned with the competition here. :)

[via Gizmodo]
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