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Canon EOS 70D Announcement Not Before June 2013?


Canon EOS 70D mock-up (not the real one)

Another Canon EOS 70D rumor surfaced and is reported at Northlight Images. No specs this time but some tidbits about the announcement. They have been told that the announcement of the EOS 70D is “some 6 weeks away”. It appears as if some of the expected Canon announcement may have been delayed due to technical and marketing reasons.

The Canon EOS 70D announcement is a sort of mistery. No real leaks so far and repeatedly wrong announcement dates. Where the hence is the EOS 60D price & specs)replacement?

Canon EOS 60D price check: Amazon, B&H Photo, Digitalrev, eBay, Adorama, Canon USA

  • Eric

    If it cannot compete against D7100, it cannot even after June 2013.

  • Drob

    The reason it’s a mystery is because even Canon doesnt knows what they’re going to do…well maybe the delay of the 70D means they’ll release it with the 7dmII, hopefully in June. Wasn’t there just a story about how Canon was first for a few years? Hopefully the lackluster performance thus far will keep the prices lower in the 70d and 7dmII to speed sales along.

  • LiSkynden

    That fake 70D image is made by me :P Its just a 50D body with flip out screen and the stereo mics from Canon PowerShot S5 IS.
    I made it back when we were waiting for 60D images.

  • frank baggett

    I’ll buy one, if it has courtesy flash, sdi and hdmi out, codek as good as the new blackmagic mini for video, digic 6 plus, glass screen (not plastic)… robust feel and knobs (not cheap like the 6D)…and sharp image quality. Im sick of Canon crippling their lower end cameras. Everyone has passed them by…they NEED a revolution like when the 5Dmk2 came out or they are sunk. The only thing else I think they could do is throw in the kitchen sink. Deliver a superb DSLR at a fair price. Not asking for a LEXUS in a YARIS body and price…but geesh they are LACKING lately. Blackmagic and Sony are kiing the video market and price…while Nikon is superior in photos and prices. Get a grip Canon or you will become Kodak.

    • steve

      The REAL reason for the delay, Is they were about to do the usual canon crappy minor upgrade………. Then got wind of Nikons ass kicking D7100 that they had to start again. Unfortunately for them by the time they release it @ £1000+ the D7100 will be less than £850 (the way its dropping) so as far as canon is concerned its goodbye from me They will be forever playing catchup!!!

  • antiepsilonminus

    Not sure where all the Canon hate is coming from with these comments… It might be easy to look at paper specs on websites and count the 6D out vs. the Nikon 600D, but in real-world tests, the 6D is easily a better low-light performer, if not currently the most capable low-light DSLR in the world, period. On paper, the Nikon D7000 looked like a 60D killer, and a real competitor to the 7D, but again in real-world usage, this was simply not the case. The 7D trounced it, and the 60D held it’s own and even outperformed the D7000 in a few areas (raw buffer, ahem). In any case, Canon and Nikon both make fantastic cameras, and certainly by no stretch of the imagination is Canon playing catch-up or somehow making a vastly inferior product, it’s simply not true. Dig a little deeper (as in deeper than your first Google hits) when trying to find what these cameras are truly capable of, or better yet, get out of your computer chair and actually go shoot with one these brilliant DSLRs.

    • Admin


    • canikon

      antiepsilonminus.”It might be easy to look at paper specs on websites and count the 6D out vs. the Nikon 600D, but in real-world tests, the 6D is easily a better low-light performer, if not currently the most capable low-light DSLR in the world, period”.

      Your comment my make well laugh.I do not think that you may have in hand the nikon d600, otherwise you have not said these things.But know that in low light and top iso nikon d600 is better that the canon 6d, and if you inquire well you will see that most of the people with the canon 6d was disappointed and passes to the 5dmk3.Friendship.

      • MatrixClaw

        LOL. Clearly YOU have not used a 6D, then. I own a 6D and had the D600 before it. The 6D is WAY better than the D600 in low light, high ISO. DR on the Nikon is certainly better and more detail can be pulled from low light video, but at the expense of pixelation. Image quality between the two is moot, depends on if you like Canon or Nikon better. Personally, I could care less. Switched from the D600 to the 6D and I’m not disappointed in the slightest. had to send back the D600 twice with issues on the sensor and the infamous oil build up. I literally had to clean it after EVERY shoot, as you’d start to see spots in the photos that I’d have to cleanup later. Nikon would’ve had a great product if it weren’t for their poor quality control. I’d love to own the D800 for its huge resolution, but I won’t even consider purchasing another Nikon full frame until next generation at this point

  • antiepsilonminus

    Plenty of info out there to the contrary my friend. The 6D focuses down to -3EV, the D600 doesn’t. The 6D has higher native ISO range than the D600. Every comparison sample images I’ve seen between the two show significantly less noise at high ISO with the 6D. Not sure where you’re getting your numbers and sample images from… These aren’t numbers or images that I’m just making up, or pulling from my arse, they’re readily available all over the internet my friend. I dare say they’re fact. Please feel free to provide links disproving any of what I’ve said here

  • antiepsilonminus

    In all fairness, I don’t consider the D600 to be a slouch in anyway, even in low-light performance. But I do stand behind my remarks about it’s low-light performance besting the D600, even if in real-world usage the differences are negligible (although the absence of high ISO noise in the 6D is impossible to ignore here). Both are great cameras, I don’t own either, but have shot with the 6D. I’m sure overall the D600 is equally great in hand. My comments are not intended to bait Nikon loyalists, I just found it odd that they would show up on a site dedicated to Canon, complaining about what a terrible company it is and how bad their products suck. Since I am not invested in Nikon gear, I don’t bother staying as current with what they’re churning out these days, and certainly I don’t troll sites dedicated to Nikon products talking trash and saying their stuff sucks, because certainly they don’t. If I felt that way, it would be truly painful dealing with my friends who shoot Nikons or any other brand, if we had to spend all of our time defending our purchases. Thank you very much for input, it’s always nice to have the opinion of someone who hates Canon come here to help remind is why we bought these crappy cameras in the place.

    • David Kim

      No doubt tht both 6D and D600 are great cameras. However, IMO, 6D is judged better in terms of its real use in low lit conditions as it doesn’t require any AF assist light which can scare away objects especially when shooting at an event or wild life animals. D 600 AF is a lot quicker in low light if AF assist light is turned on but without it its either very slow when focusing or cannot focus at all. Whereas 6D can still maintain reasonable focusing under the same condition.

      D600is superb in focusing in well lit situations and way better than 6D in that area. I found it annoying that D 600 d oesn’t show real time aperture change in live view mode. And also the fact that I have to exit live view mode to change my aperture settings when shooting videos.

  • I am waiting to buy 70d or 7dmk2, if it will come in same range as the launch price of previous versions, But the main thing I noticed the sudden price fall of 60d in Delhi, India. While 7d price is constant/same… So I am pretty sure 70d launch is around corner….

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