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Canon EOS 7D & Magic Lantern RAW – Sample Footage

Vimeo user posted the first sample footage shot with an Canon EOS 7D and the Magic Lantern RAW hack. He writes:

As you know, the Canon 7D is now capable of shooting raw video thanks to Magic Lantern.
I’ve downloaded Pelican’s nightly build and install it on my Canon 7D. I did some quick tests in my garden with silent pics burst. For now, I didn’t get any pink frames. I can get 40-41 pictures (a little less than 2 seconds).
DNG are 1736 x 1156 pixels. Stunning quality compared to H.264…
But a little of moire (as usual with the 7D).
Congratulations to Magic Lantern !!! It’s totally amazing what they can do.

[via EOSHD]
  • Dan

    Man that looks good! I hope they can get things going on the new 70D pretty quick. Since it only has a single processor, it should be easier to hack. And with the audio controls, articulating screen, and new sensor, it could be a better video camera. I’m not risky enough to put magic lantern on my 5D3 that’s my primary camera but I might be willing to risk a $1200 backup camera. I would put this on my 7D but the 7D has never been my favorite for video since it’s a bit noisy at high ISO for one.

    • Stu

      Magic Lantern does not install on your camera. It’s basically running alongside the original firmware so it can’t damage your camera. No one has ever reported a camera being broken by Magic Lantern… It’s worth it really.

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