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Canon EOS RP Review (gets a lot right, DPReview)

Canon EOS RP Review (gets A Lot Right, DPReview)
The Canon EOS RP. Will Canon announce a FF MILC with a price below the EOS RP?

DPReview completed their full Canon EOS RP review. They gave the Canon EOS RP an 83% score and a silver award.

Funny fact: DPReview learned they had “to create a new scoring category [since] this is the first camera to really fall into the ‘Entry-level Full Frame Camera’ space”. Well, a “kudos Canon” wouldn’t have been displaced.

From their conclusion:

The biggest trade-off comes from the 26.2MP full-frame sensor. Sure, with the right lenses, that large sensor gets you access to shallower depth-of-field (blurrier backgrounds) than cameras with smaller sensors. But when shooting in Raw, the RP’s images are also noisier than most current full-frame cameras, and similarly noisy to some APS-C cameras. The video features and quality will also disappoint power users, and the battery life is perhaps best described as ‘tolerable.’ It’ll get you through a day of heavy shooting, provided you turn the camera off between shots.

On the other hand, there’s a lot that the EOS RP gets right. The combination of pleasing JPEGs, an excellent grip, light weight, good controls, strong connectivity options and compact size is just a recipe for fun. The autofocus system is reliable, and Pupil Detection makes it easier to get perfectly focused portraits – though some competitors’ eye-focusing systems are more effective.

Read the review…

DPReview had an interview with Canon’s lens designers about the RF mount lenses.

Canon EOS RP:

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