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Canon Files Patent To Reduce Noise And Aliasing



Another patent spotted by Egami (translated). Canon filed a patent to reduce sensor noise and aliasing by better processing the sensor output.

  • Patent Publication No. 2013-12850
    • 2013.1.17 Release Date
    • Filing date 2011.6.28
  • Traditional thinning processing
    • Sensitivity for color signal is lower than the luminance signal, the human visual characteristic is not a problem even if thinned out color signals
    • If the algorithm requires a memory, in terms of response and undesirable Continuous
    • Frequency band of brightness and color are different, depending on the algorithm, causes color streaks
  • Canon patent
    • By aligning the frequency band decimation and interpolation processing to the luminance signal, suppress the color stripes
    • Do to reduce the amount of data to be converted from YRB RG1G2B, decimating the RB
      • Each frequency band is divided into storage (YRB1 ~ YRB4)

[via Egami]

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