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Canon patent application for 15-105mm F/1.8-6.0 lens for APS-C cameras

Canon Patent Application For 15-105mm F/1.8-6.0 Lens For APS-C Cameras

Canon patent application in Japan 2018-031935 describes a 15-105mm F/1.8-6.0 lens for APS-C cameras.

  • Zoom ratio: 6.75
  • Focal length: 15.21 52.83 102.65 mm
  • F no.: 1.85 4.20 6.00
  • Image angle: 36.19 14.50 7.58
  • Image height: 11.13 13.66 13.66 mm
  • Lens length: 83.84 101.55 121.52 mm
  • Back focus: 3.81 3.81 3.81 mm

May this patent refer to the EF-M mount? Can someone help understanding? All over the patent literature there are mentions about making this lens small, compact, “miniaturising a zoom lens” etc.

Excerpts from the patent literature:

In the present invention, it is related with a zoom lens in which small-diameter-izing of photographing length and a diameter of a body tube is possible.
Therefore, it is suitable to especially a digital camera.

[…] in order to realize a miniaturization, it is required to set up the refracting power of each lens group strongly.
While a zoom ratio exceeds 4x -, there are many zoom lenses of the positive lead type which a positive lens group precedes in a twice [ quantity ] as many zoom lens as this.

When such a zoom lens is miniaturized, each group refractive power arrangement needs to design, while the tendency which becomes strong is shown, refracting power is shared about the lens group composition and attention is further paid also for glass arrangement.

Well, a zoom lens going from 15-105mm, and with a starting f/1.8 sound cool. The f/6 at the telephoto end less. Lets hope this Canon patent will go to market for the EOS M.

[via Hi Lows Note]
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