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Canon patent for improved Dual Pixel AF performance

Dual Pixel AF

Canon patent to improve off-axis AF when using Dual Pixel AF. Offset microlenses and unequal pixel size improve off axis Dual Pixel AF performance. The patent’s abstract:

Dual Pixel AF

  • Rick

    shifted microlenses for mirrorless sensors.

    I wonder if this made it into the M5?

    • CW Steve

      do not think so. we will see it, if ever, in future cams. Only a part of patents filed by Canon hit the market.

      • Rick

        I do wonder, because there hasn’t been any color cast issues in the M5 versus in the 24MP sensor that was used in the m3.

        they did *something* different on the M5, it didn’t seem to be a direct copy of the 80D sensor.

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