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Canon Patent: Two Superzooms For APS-C And Full-Frame Cameras (next kit lenses?)

Canon Patent

Egami (translated) spotted another Canon patent. Two superzoom lenses, one for APS-C cameras (18-200mm f/3.5-5.6), the other for full-frame (28-200mm f/3.5-5.6). Given all the patents I published in the last months, it appears that Canon is intensively working n new technology. Both lenses are image stabilized and both are most probably future kit lenses.

  • Patent Publication No. 2013-97184
    • Publication date 2013.5.20
    • Filing date 2011.11.1
  • Example 1
    • Zoom ratio 10.39
    • Focal length f = 18.60-60.40-193.27mm
    • Fno. 3.48-4.98-5.88
    • Half angle ω = 36.27-12.74-4.04 °
    • Image height 13.65mm
    • 144.58-176.50-208.42mm overall length of the lens
    • BF 38.09-63.96-77.06mm
    • 16 pieces of 13-group lens configuration
    • Four four-sided aspherical
    • The effective diameter of the front lens 55.82mm
    • MOD 0.5m
  • Example 3
    • Zoom ratio 6.69
    • Focal length f = 28.90-76.87-193.28mm
    • Fno. 3.60-5.27-5.88
    • Half angle ω = 36.82-15.72-6.39 °
    • Image height 21.64mm
    • 144.56-176.58-208.59mm overall length of the lens
    • BF 38.00-66.95-76.98mm
    • 15 pieces of 11-group lens configuration
    • Four four-sided aspherical
    • The effective diameter of the front lens 62.81mm
    • MOD 0.5m
  • Canon patent
    • 5-group zoom positive and negative negative positive positive
    • Inner Focus (third group)
      • Because it is possible to reduce the beam effective diameter of the first group, can be miniaturized optical system
    • Image stabilization

Canon Patent

[via Egami]


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