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Canon Powershot G1 X II Picture Leaked (Update: Image Faked?)

Powershot G1 X II

Update: is the image of the G1 X II faked? That’s what Northlight Images states after having examined the picture. The say the end of the zoom ring is too abrupt. Moreover, the camera body appears to less sharp than the lens. See the (edited) pic below. What do you think, fake or real?

Fake or not? (Image courtesy: Northlight Images)

Canon Rumors spotted the first leaked picture of the Canon Powershot G1 X II, the replacement for the PowerShot G1 X. As you can see the G1 X II has an EVF instead of an optical view-finder. The preliminary specs are:

  • Slimmer body, lighter weight
  • External EVF
  • 24-120 f/2-3.9 Lens.
  • DIGIC 6
  • Around $700 USD
[via CR]
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