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This is the Canon Rebel SL2 (EOS 200D)

Rebel SL2

Next serious leak coming over the web. Here is the Canon Rebel SL2 (EOS 200D in EU, Kiss X7 in Asia).

  • Color: Black /White ·/Silver
  • 24MP
  • 5fps
  • Vari-Angle display
  • Touch panel
  • Battery: LP-E 17
  • Size: 122.4 x 92.6 x 69.8 mm
  • Weight: 453 g

Announcement, along with the Canon EOS 6D Mark II and a new entry-level mirrorless camera next week, no later than June 29, 2017. Stay tuned!

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Weird, this SL2 is closer in size, weight and general specs to the Nikon D5500/D5600 than to the original SL1… maybe the next T7 will be the real SL1 replacement? Also, does the market really need 4 very closely spec-ed (80D, 77D, T7i and SL2) Canons DSLR? Really, what’s the point?

    • Rick

      SL1: 117 × 91 x 69 mm
      SL2: 122 x 93 x 70 mm
      D5500: 124 x 97 x 70 mm
      D3400: 124 x 98 x 76 mm
      T7i: 131 x 100 x 76 mm

      it makes sense that the SL2 would have to grow a bit to acoomediate the articulating screen. however it’s still the smallest camera of the bunch. the T7 has a fixed screen and is really the real real real low end of the camera price, not the SL2. the SL2 is closer to the T7i as far as capability than the T7.

      what’s wrong with differing cameras based upon size and weight and ergonomics. seems like a good way to me.

      • CaMeRa QuEsT

        You realize that I am speculating about what the future T7 might be. This SL2 is obviously not a replacement for the SL1 because of size and weight. Currently, the only features that make the SL1 and the T6 different are size/weight, touchscreen and hybrid AF, so if the future T7 uses this SL2’s sensor, which has only ever been paired with touchscreens, it will make sense to build it small and light like the SL1 and reap the cost benefits from using less materials. But, then again, there are a huge subset of customers that prefer the larger T6 body over the SL1’s cramped ergonomics, so Canon does have reason to add 2 more APS-C bodies to the bottom of the market. That will make it 7 distinct APS-C DSLRs and 4 distinct APS-C mirrorless (if the M3 is, indeed, not being replaced by the M6) all being marketed at the same time. Looks like a huge windfall for Canon’s ad agencies worldwide and a marketing strategist’s worse nightmare.

        • that Nick guy

          I don’t think it’s OBVIOUSLY NOT a replacement for the SL1. Obviously the naming already speaks for itself. You know, 60D, 70D, 80D.. 600D, 650D, 700D, 750D.. SL1.. and yeah.

          And actually, if you check the mirrorless Panasonic G85, the SL2 is thinner front and back. G7 for good measure.

          SL2: 122 x 93 x 70 mm
          G85: 128 x 89 x 74 mm
          G7: 125 x 86 x 77 mm

          SLx is posed as a middle ground between mirrorless and DSLR. I actually thought the SL line was going away with the push and pull in their mirrorless dept, but it actually makes more sense now IF they get the price right. It’s all about pricing anyway.

          Where’d you get that “huge subset” thing anyway? Of course there is. With SL1 3 years older and $50 more than the T6, you really wouldn’t bother. Almost like saying 77D vs 70D.

          But yeah. Canon marketing and vision is messed up. It feels like they’re not that decisive about customer needs (check the 6D II without 4K) vs their dated roadmap. And THEN there’s competition pricing. What a mess.

          I have a bit of a theory: SLx might merge with Txi line. I know, I know. There’s a lot of considerations.

  • Dennis James

    4mm longer than SL1. I was hoping that it will actually be smaller than SL1…

  • Shield Block

    what’s the point of the 77D and 80D if this will have the same AF system and same sensor

    $500 more for 1 more FPS?

    • Stevie Jay Elmm

      Features and perhaps better build quality but I understand what you mean

    • Rick

      errm size and weight? o.O

    • that Nick guy

      stabilization but I understand what you mean

  • Stevie Jay Elmm

    One thing I love about these low end Canon cameras that I wish Canon would do for all of the cameras is they put the on/off switch on the right side which makes one handed shooting just work. My Rebel cameras and all the full frame cameras my friends let me mess with are all on the left. It does help. The Nikons and Fujis I’ve used are on the right.

  • Charles

    Reminds of the old Olympus four thirds cameras like E-420…

  • krisak

    I tried a cheap Nikon, thinking “it’s all about the sensor”, but the pentamirror was beyond horrible. I’m assuming this Canon will have something similar, which is a shame. I’d love a tiny camera with a huge (optical) viewfinder.

    Having to pay an additional $$$ for a pentaprism seems silly.

    • Charles

      I believe Pentax uses bigger mirrors and larger viewfinders, at least in the day.

  • jeffp3456

    If I look closely at the image showing the mirror, I only see 9 af points..? I wonder if these are just mock up photos or if Canon are not upgrading the AF system (which I can not believe even from Canon).

    • Shield Block
    • Wade Marks

      These may just be reuse of old marketing images, so not definitive. Hopefully that is the case.

      To reuse the old 9 pt AF in 2017 would be a severe mistake…I get that companies want product differentiation, but let the differentiation be in size and controls, not something as fundamental as AF. The SL series has a certain value as a very small but capable dslr; crippling it with 9 pt AF would render it obsolete from the time it launches.

      Companies should release the best possible products at every level and just let the consumer decide. It’s worked for Apple. For instance they don’t cripple their iPad to preserve Mac sales; on the contrary, they aggressively market their iPad as a viable substitute for a laptop.

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