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Canon Rumor: Canon Working on a 75MP DSLR?

Canon Rumor

New Canon big megapixel rumor. While in the past 45-50MP were rumored, now word is Canon has a 75MP DSLR out in the wild undergoing testing. The camera should have the same form factor as the EOS-1D X. No much specs have leaked, except that the camera will have a higher frame rate than the EOS-1D X, that the rear LCD is very high resolution. The camera may be announced in 2013, but will be released not before 2014.

Although this is the first time I hear about this, it is not implausible. Canon tested (and had) high res sensors in the past. The question is if such a sensor, i.e. a 75MP sensor, will go into production and be featured in a camera. I take the possibility of the announcement with a grain of salt.

[via PB]
  • peevee

    Higher frame rate than 1Dx, while producing 75mpix pictures instead of 18? Absolutely impossible today. In 5-10 years maybe.
    Maybe higher video frame rate?

  • MdB

    Isn’t the 70D technically a 40MP camera?

  • …No, Canon has a 1,6 crop sensor, so a 70d with 20,2mpix is more like a 51mpix FF… .

    • MdB

      No, why does everything have to be about ‘crop factor’ with internet experts? I’m talking about the 70D, which technically has a 40MP sensor for a 20MP output. No crop factors or any other nonsense. In talking about a 75MP FF, my guess is that is for a roughly 37MP output using their new fancy on sensor phase detect dual sensor sites – Make sense now?

  • ferrera

    I guess it may be with double sensor … the 75+MP is achieved by 2 38MP sensor ?

  • Martin

    News to Canon: The megapixel war ended a few years ago. Get back to doing true innovation like companies such as Sony, Fuji, Olympus, etc.

    • MdB

      I find this amusing having just moved from Sony and Olympus to Canon myself. Grass is always greener I guess?

  • Flea

    Hmmm.. 3x25mp Foveon style anyone? 3-layer sensor with individual layers for red, green and blue? Could make sense if Canon truly wants to develop their studio/portrait performance and color reproduction.

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