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Canon EOS 70D Rumored To Have New Auto-Focus Technology


Canon EOS 60D, the predecessor of the highly awaited EOS 70D.
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Slight correction of the latest Canon EOS 70D rumor. It appears that the July announcement regards a brand new AF technology that Canon has developed. The new AF tech will first be featured on the Canon EOS 70D which is said to be announced immediately after the announcement of the AF technology.

Very interesting news, though there are no more tidbits about what makes up the new AF technology.

For the time being we are stuck with the EOS 70D spec list we posted back in April:

  • 18mp Sensor (Same as SL1)
  • 6.5fps
  • SD Card
  • Wifi
  • GPS
  • 3.2″ Touchscreen LCD (No mention of swivel)
  • Magnesium Alloy Construction
  • Weather-sealed
  • Slightly larger than the EOS 60D
  • $1199 USD Body Only

It appears that we are definitely close to the announcement of the EOS 70D. Excited?

[via CR]
  • Eric

    Maybe just a 60D with a “new” AF (marketing terms).

  • Pei

    I like wi-fi and GPS but that’s hardly the upgrades everybody have been waiting 4 years for.

  • Derg

    Canon must match or at least be in the ball park of 24mp of entry level Nikon’s.

  • Eric

    Most likely, Canon will just give us the same 70D that can be released last year, LOL

  • Mohamed

    It should get better IQ, not more MPs…
    More dynamic range, more colors record-ability, and better sensor sharpness, also a 14 auto focus point system with 12 cross type points is a welcome.
    Good to have 7fps.
    No touch yet a good weather sealing on a tilt-swivel screen is a welcome.
    Dual SD is going to be great.
    No dial lock, but firmer turning with click sound.
    flash with 2 LED lights for video.
    Canon, We would welcome micro focus adjustments to the camera… Really…

    • Derg

      More, or at least as many, MP sells; less will not.
      All that you said would be welcome improvements but they will not sway buyers to upgrade from their 60D or new buyers away from Nikon.

      • Mohamed

        I would not want it to have less MPs, I just wanted to stress the IQ which canon is lagging behind in, also some updates that would make it better specwise.
        Nikon is giving Canon a hard time these days… I myself want to sell all my Canon stuff now.

        • Derg

          I thought about the Nikon D7100 but it’s hard to make such a move considering all the Canon lenses I own.

          My main complaint of all DSLRs is the lack of AF with video. I know it’s a DSLR, not a video camera, but there are plenty of times I just want to shoot a few minutes here & there. I don’t shoot much video but when I do it’s live shots, not set scenes, & with live shots you need to keep things in focus on the fly. It’s my understanding the 70D will have major improvements in AF & follow focus. Also, Canon’s new STM type lens are extremely quiet so annoying focus noise will be at a minimum.

          Best of luck to you!

  • Lex luthor

    The Nikon D7100 will still be the best!!

  • kurt

    Agreed, Good luck with beating the D7100

  • Eric

    Without two card slots I wouldn’t even consider it, Go Nikon

  • Guy

    Retire the 60D and reduce the 7D price, that should keep the folks here happy… I mean drop it seriously low..

    New 8D with brand new 24 mega pixel CMOS and super low ISO 6400 noise.. job done.

  • thomas

    I’ve been using Canon entry level camera for years, but now a bit disappointed with it’s crashes. And it happened also with others who use Canons. Now keen to look at Nikons. But I’ve invested in other Canon products already. I don’t want to loose them yet. If Canon doesn’t fix their products, more are likely to be fans of Nikons. I love Canons till today but it hurts me as it crashes. So now….what?

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