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Canon Rumor: EOS 7D Mark II in Early 2014, May Feature 24MP Sensor

Canon Rumor

The Canon EOS 7D
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Latest Canon EOS 7D Mark II rumor. It is rumored that the EOS 7D Mark II may not have the same 20MP sensor of the recently announced EOS 70D, but possibly a new 24MP sensor. That makes sense, since a higher resolution sensor is needed in order to separate the EOS 7D Mark II clearly from the EOS 70D (which already sports a new, innovative sensor). Both DSLR are APS-C cameras, and the EOS 70D delivers a lot of advanced features.

The EOS 7D Mark II will not ship before end 2013, and most probably will do in early 2014. To get the whole picture check also the 7D Mark II rumour I posted yesterday. Finally, it is also suggested that there will be two new professional DSLRs announced in 2014, not featurimg APS-C sensors.

[via CR]
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