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Update – Canon Teaser For New Camera To Be Announced in November (looks like a DSLR)

Canon Teaser

Update:  Dicahub made a size comparison between the EOS 100D/SL1 and the EOS 700D/T5i (with EF 40mm), and it looks the hidden camera could be an EOS 100D/Rebel SL1. But there is a big but: the mount release button appears to have a different shape compared to 100D/SL1. All following pictures are courtesy of

So, this is hot. Dicahub (translated) spotted a teaser by Canon Korea that points to a camera announcement in November. The teaser says: November 2013, Canon will start from the white world. Coming Soon.

There was a recent rumour that suggested the EOS M2 could be announced in November. However, the silhouette that can be recognised in the image looks more like the shape of a DSLR. The question is what it refers to, and what the white world means. A white Rebel SL1/EOS 100D (price & specs) or maybe a Rebel SL2/EOS 110D that is coming? Rumors have word that some of the Canon Rebel SL1/EOS 100D video commercials ended with a sort of question suggesting that there was more to come (Did you know this is the end?). Couldn’t find such a commercial so far. Anyone?

It is definitely hard to guess what the hidden shape is. As far as I can say, this could also be a new high end Canon DSLR. Below is a darkened version of the teaser pic. The hidden shape is better lined out, more can be recognised.

Canon Teaser

Does definitely not look like a mirrorless camera. What is Canon going to unveil soon? Below a crop and magnification of the placement of the model plate.

Canon Teaser

Appears to be a bit to small for an EOS 100D/Rebel SL1 plate.  The guessing is started. At least we will not have to wait too long to know what surprise Canon is going to unveil. :-)

[via Dicahub]
  • Anonymous

    Seems to be a white camera since the Canon marking is dark on the viewfinder.

    • Admin

      Good point

    • Roger

      I think silver is more likely

      • peter

        The teaser says: November 2013, Canon will start from the white world. Coming Soon.

        I quess a white 100D. I would keep expectations very low.

  • Jojo

    Trying to keep the 7D going a bit longer with a special edition 7D Polar?

  • Roger

    The pentaprism housing definitely looks like an APS-C camera rather than full frame. Or maybe it’s something completely different…

  • Meatcurry

    Cant see a mode wheel on the left side(as you’re holding it) not sure about the right side so possibly a 1DX2, 3D or xxxD series variant?

  • dave

    There is nothing to suggest that what’s under there is the actual product being advertised (IMO)
    It could be any old camera body under there, just ot give it the right shape.

  • Bob B.

    Hmmmmmmmmmm….looks entertaining..with all of the incredible camera releases from the competition in recent weeks…it better be good!! :-)

  • It looks most similar to the front of an SL1 / 100D with the position of the red eye reduction / time lamp in the top right corner. No other Canon DSLR has that I don’t think.

    An M system mirrorless in an SL1 like body with EVF? Would be interesting…

    • also, the remote sensor is in the same place as the SL1 – low down on the grip

      Could be an SL2 – with a dual pixel sensor?

      Or perhaps just a white SL1. They like different coloured cameras in the east.

    • Bob Howland

      It’ll be even more interesting if the sensor is FF, not APS-C. One possible marketing strategy is to emphasize small size in the M-system and high-end capabilities in a FF mirrorless system.

      • Sky

        How about SL1 with Full Frame sensor?
        This would be a brilliant move. Canon would have a camera that’s smaller (from ahead) than Sony’s A7, while also offering huge amount of native lenses.

        • 1moreshot

          I love this thought. When I look at the S*** A7 with the vertical grip, it doesn’t seem to be much smallerl than a Rebel. This would be an excellent alternative, and not have to change lens systems! I would get it in a heartbeat.

  • really exciting

    wow.. new rebel.. I can’t wait

  • Sky

    “Does definitely not look like a mirrorless camera” – mirrorless in theory can look like DSLRs. (look at Olympus OM series)

  • Doug

    I really hope this is a new camera and not a white special edition SL1. Every other manufacturer released something major (or several somethings) in Q4 except Canon! This doesn’t look mirror less, which would be a shame. But the new Sony and Oly EM1 have a silhouette that looks like this, so maybe this is a retro style Canon mirror less with a viewfinder and Nikon DF style dials, but that shoots 4K video! ;)

  • John

    “White is the most commonly used color in Korea. Koreans were sometimes referred to as “the white clad people…The color white symbolizes purity, innocence, peace and patriotism.”

    It’s probably just a white version of an existing camera model.

  • Sean

    Looks like an SL1 to me too. This is over the top marketing for a new color. It has to be Full Frame!

  • Sky

    Well – think about it: It always could have been ugly-red version, like the one Nikon makes to it’s D3200/etc.

  • Mike

    I wouldn’t hold your breath. Probably a SL1 in white and 4 other colors! woo hoo! ……………..

    I hope Nikon and Sony sales start hurting Canon to force them to bring out some bigger guns in 2014.

    • llll

      you are the biggest moron here…

      nikon sales 28% down as we could read yesterday….
      yes in teh last last 6 month 28% down.

      while canon only down 6% over the last 6 month….. and you retard still brabbling your stupid nonsense. how can a low IQ like you breath.. with only 1 braincell?

  • One More Thought

    Does this kind of remind you of the teaser campaign that Nikon just used for their new Df model? Will Canon release other teasers that progressively reveal more?

    I don’t think this is at all the type of camera that the Df is…as others have noted, it simply could be a white SL1…but it does seem that Canon is trying to use the same type of marketing campaign. And of course people on the internet will dissect what is revealed in the same way.

  • 1moreshot

    Maybe an electronic viewfinder camera???

  • I think it is just an ad for a new range of microfibre dust covers that Canon have released to keep you camera clean :-)

  • mII

    Am I the only one that sees a “Dm” on the name plate?! This suggests a mII model.

  • bibi

    well it could be a bridge “à la Sony RX10″…if so, very interesting and more appealing than another DSLR…

    • no, because there is the clearly visible lens release button as on a DSLR

  • llll

    it´s a white body….. nothing special.

  • Kevin

    there is always the possibility that it could be referring to a new white L-series lens

  • 5345345

    prefered color in korea is… white.

    it´s a white rebel.

  • Katamarakta

    when you look at the just release DPP software you will find a 110D mentioned.

    • Admin

      Where did you find the 110D mentioned in the DPP documentation? Thanks

      • Katamarakta

        get a hex editor and search the install folder for the string.

  • MacPaul

    The lens seems to be a wide aperture one, so the body shouldn’t be a Rebel. Flash is obvious, so it seems to be the choice between a new FF DSLR with or the 7D Mk.II.

  • SDaniella

    it’s a Mini-DSLR shaped EOS M (sports EOS M Shutter-Dial, and EF-M STM LENS)
    likely pop-up flash
    EVF maybe
    possibly dual-pixel AF
    APS-C sensor
    maybe fixed or swivel touchscreen like 70D



    • ?

      Is it called the 1Dm?

    • Andrew

      It would be a smart move. People take the DSLR body style more seriously, Panasonic have been doing well with their G and GH series. And now Sony has the A3000.

      An EF-M mount camera with a good EVF and an entry-level price could sell well. Though they need a native telephoto lens to launch around the same time, and maybe a normal prime.

    • Andy

      If it featured the 70D sensor this could be a real winner.

  • Actually getting ready to finally go over to the dark side and get me one of those D800E ‘s Canon’s lagging…..

  • One More Thought

    There is the translated phrase ” Canon will start from the white world.”

    I wonder if that translation is imperfect and misses something…ie, if something is lost in the translation.

    Otherwise, I would say that this teaser simply refers to a white version of an existing model, perhaps the SL1. I don’t think Canon would debut a new model with the white color; perhaps as an option, but I cannot see Canon introducing any new dslr in a white only model, and certainly not a high end model.

    • Jun

      To me the translation says “From Canon, white world begins”

  • Jun

    What if Canon made EOS M II to be look like SL 1 look like. And multiple colors.

    • Jun

      Just seems like white version of SL1

  • SDaniella

    seriously guys

    you’re ignoring the obvious

    the EOS SL1 does not use EF-M lenses at all !!!

    but the new teaser clearly (to me) shows an EF-M PRIME STM LENS mounted on the body as I’ve indicated above
    I have my own enhanced version of their teaser pic and it is clearly an EOS M model, not an EOS Rebel/SL1 whatsoever, and not an EF-S Lens at all, too



    • Admin

      can you share your enhanced version…? Thanks :-)

      • Jun

        It shows vaguely M on it !

      • Jun

        Bring the photo on Photoshop and magnify it. You can see EOS M vaguely.

        • Jun

          I saw it again and again. now more confuse :-) it can be a new color Rebel too

  • Oscar M

    I heard from a friend who works for canon marketing in China that its the new Canon SX60 HS 60x optical zoom Superzoom camera, apparently fitted with an APS-C sensor F/2 24mm wide angle. And its going to be all white, which explains the ‘White World’stuff.

    Should be announced the last days November in time for the christmas sales. It’s predicted to fly of the shelves.

    • Andy

      A 60x optical zoom for APS-C would be enormous. It can’t possibly be the camera pictured above.

  • SDaniella

    dpreview woke up !!!
    (took ’em 20+ hrs)


    looks like it will just be a white (or silver, yuck) variant of the current SL1/100D
    boo !!!

    my bad

    btw, my enhanced pic differs little from dpreviews own photoshop tweak but a bit better than the one shown on dicahub


    • Andy

      It would be pretty boring if that’s all it is, but you never know until it’s been unveiled.

  • omar

    I think that it could be the brand new 75 or maybe 750, a new APS-C sensor by Canon that will put this family of sensors in a new era. I’ve read about it somewhere on rumors on the web. Never say never :D

  • darylcheshire

    Don’t know about the white and it’s probably too small but a retro F1 with modern guts would be awesome.

  • One More Thought

    More than likely this will just be a white SL1.

    First, how else to explain the teaser wording?

    Second, does anyone really think that Canon is going to debut a brand new dslr in white, rather than the standard black color?

    Third, if you believe that Canon would debut a new model in white, does anyone really think that Canon would debut any high end dslr in white?

  • Funny

    Most likely if they want to compete with the mirrorless market and keep the traditional DSLR DNA it could be a SL1 with the 70D sensor (or another sensor with the dual pixel techonolgy)

  • yuck

    Some of you are delusional. You really expect anything interesting or innovative? This is Canon, the most boring camera company of our times.

    It’s just a white SL1. Meant for Korean girls to accessorize with their outfits.

  • Insider007

    It’s the new 7D Mark ii

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