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Canon Working On A Low Cost 4K Cinema EOS Camera?

4K Cinema EOS

Canon EOS -1D C: B&H | Adorama | rent it at Borrow Lenses

Rumor has it that Canon is working on at least one new Cinema EOS camera, and that this camera could be announced in April for NAB. The new 4K Cinema camera(s) should be priced below $10000. Actually the Canon EOS-1D C is the least expensive option to step into 8bit 4k video, but still it is an option that set you back for $12000.

A less expensive 4k video gear would be very welcome.

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  • SteveHood

    They have a ways to go to complete with the GH4.

  • germy1979

    They need to get with 2014. The only video cam option they offer that doesn’t band like a Nintendo game when you do “anything” to it is $25,000… And that’s only 10 bit! It amazes me they opted for 8 bit on a TWELVE THOUSAND dollar camera so we can see all that banding in amazing 4k resolution… Gees

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