“Move”, a jaw-dropping time-lapse video about a world that never stands still


There are many time-lapse videos around, maybe too many, an inflation someone may say. But from time to time I stumble onto a time-lapse video that still manages to impress me. “Move”, by Aaron Keigher, is such a time-lapse video.

The world around us never stands still and it is this motion that gives Earth life. Without this movement, our planet could not exist. Simply put, movement breathes life into our world. Few of us have ever stopped to think about the importance of this constant motion — stop to bask in its simplicity and beauty. Far too few of us take a moment to see our universe in motion.

The time-lapse sequences have been shot in a variety of locations, among them the most famous national parks in the US. Aaron Keigher used different gear to make the video: Canon EOS 6D, EOS-1D X, EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 7D, different lenses, and more stuff. For the complete list of locations and used gear head over to the video’s description.