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[Deal] Kingston 32GB CompactFlash Memory Card Ultimate 600x 20% Off


The Kingston 32GB CompactFlash Memory Card Ultimate 600x is 20% off at B&H ($76.74, click here).

Designed for working professionals, for whom high-speed performance is essential, Kingston‘s 32GB CompactFlash Memory Card Ultimate 600x will satisfy even the most demanding shooter’s needs. The card features speed ratings of up to 600x, with read/write speeds of up to 90MB/sec. These lightning fast speeds translate into faster shooting and transfer of files. This CF card can hold up to 28,952 3MP JPEG images. Other compatible file types include RAW and TIFF.

The Ultimate CompactFlash 600x Memory Card also comes with data recovery software. MediaRECOVER 4.0 allows retrieval of lost or deleted files – translating into a saved job and hours of work. This software can also restore corrupted files on Windows and Mac machines. Kingston ensures that this card, like all their memory cards, has been tested, and is in 100% working order. In addition to this quality promise, Kingston provides a lifetime warranty and 24/7 live technical support.

  • Jore

    Miksi 32GB kortista saa käytöön vain 28,9 GB ? Kortti on ilmoitettu 32GB :seksi.
    Toinen asia , videokamerani ei tunnista korttia kun se on alustetti ( formatoitu),
    jos otan virrat pois kamerasta ja laitan kameran päälle. Onko kortin koko erilainen kuin em.Transcend tai SanDisk kortit, jotka kamera tunnistaa aina ja koska vaan.
    Camera on Canon XF 305 E , jossa parhaiten toimii SanDisk Compact Flash kortit.
    Onko Kingston CF ultimate 600 X kortit todella 32 GB ,minä saan vain 28,9 GB käyttöön.

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