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[Rumor] Canon’s Entry-Level Full Frame Camera: Possible Specifications

Canonrumors reports new hints about an upcoming Canon full frame camera that could be announced in Fall (read Photokina). Apparently there are some prototypes out in the wild, undergoing testing. The most probable specifications are summed up:

  • 22mp (Same sensor as 5D3)
  • 19 AF Points
  • 4fps
  • ISO 100-51200
  • 3″ LCD
  • Smaller than the 5D Mark II
  • More Plastic than metal in the construction
  • Pop-Up Flash (On at least one prototype)
  • $1999 USD at launch
  • Launched with a new non-L full frame kit lens (Undisclosed what the lens is)
  • Compatible with full frame STM lenses

An sub $2000 full frame camera would be a great thing for a lot of people, wanting the benefits of a full frame sensor without the price tag such cameras are having for the time being. And while we are talking about full frame sensor, there is an interesting article by German photographer Falk Lumo [via petapixel] about the artificial separation between APS-C and full frame sensor because of mere business reasons. Worth to be read.

 by 2012 there is an artificial separation between the APS-C and full frame markets. Artificial because less people still believe that full frame must be expensive. And artificial because image qualities beyond an effective resolution of 20 MP may simply require full frame. The new offers from Nikon (D800 and D600) therefore directly address this and may accelerate the disappearence of the artificial market separation. This is known as “supercriticality”: the market ought to offer uncrippled, full frame enthusiast cameras in the $1,500 segment but offers APS-C cameras instead. Supercritical systems “fall” into their preferred state after only small perturbations occur. Once this happens, a D800 type camera will be in the $1,500 segment.

Let’s hope Canon gets the message.

  • Gabriel

    2000$ for entry-level ? On APS-C the 1100D is around 500$ with lenses, so why putting a FF sensor in a camera make the price 1500$ more ?

  • FMJ

    and a low end point & shoot can go as low as $100, whats ur point?

    but being $2000, i assume they need to clean up the remaining 5D2 stock with a lower price tag, or else whos going to buy 5D2 if this has the 7D AF, probably newer processor?

  • Bobby

    those in need of rugged magnesium body will buy 5D2 (instead of plasticy Rebel series feel like body)

  • WT21

    I could end up back with a DSLR again.

    But I’d like it smaller than the 60D, please. Closer to Rebel sized, if possible (not likely to be Rebel-sized, though)

  • Sean

    To me this sensor (5D3) and that of the 5D2 are essentially the same sensor.

    The FPS is also similar to 5D2 at 4 FPS

    The only differences are processor, pop-up, build, and Autofocus.

    I don’t see any consumer level people who need better AF than 5D2 and don’t need a metal body. I don’t see any people who need a pop-up flash that need better AF or processor.

    In my opinion… this needs to be 1500 or cheaper to make sense.

    If it is not a T2i with full frame, they are doing it wrong.

  • daniemare

    I will buy one. Precicely what I have been hoping for. FF Rebel – jsut call it the 70D and my prediction will be 100%.

    However, price seems a bit high. Canon needs to match the D600. Updgrading from Crop is the same as swithcing systems for many as those EF-S lenses are worthless in any case. Maby $2,000 with the rumoured new FF lens ($1,500-$1,600 body only)

  • Physica

    If it had a Flip Screen like the 60D , it will be good for the cinematographer ……

  • FMJ

    ^X2, but that would kill the 5D3 sales….. pretty much filming with a GH2

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