Canon Patent For 35mm f/1.4, 85mm f/1.2 and 70-200mm f/2.8 Lenses for Full Frame Cameras

Canon Patent

Hi Lows Note spotted a Canon patent application (2019-45631A) describing optical formulas for a 35mm f/1.4 and 85mm f/1.2 for full frame DSLRs, and for a 70-200mm f/2.8 for full frame mirrorless cameras (the EOS R system).

Focal length: 34.31 mm
F number: 1.45
Angle of view: 32.24
Image height: 21.64 mm
Lens length: 139.98 mm
Back focus: 39.01 mm

Focal length: 85.00 mm
F number: 1.24
Angle of view: 14.28
Image height: 21.64 mm
Lens length: 123.50 mm
Back focus: 39.70 mm

Zoom ratio: 2.71
Focal length: 72.00 ~ 134.99 ~ 194.94 mm
F number: 2.91 ~ 2.91 ~ 2.98
Angle of view: 16.73 ~ 9.11 ~ 6.33
Image height: 21.64 mm
Lens length: 172.73 ~ 219.96 ~ 231.71 mm
Back focus: 14.37 ~ 18.40 ~ 28.12 mm

Canon’s High Resolution EOS R Camera Gets Another Mention

Canon Eos R

It was time to stir up rumors for Canon’s next, third mirrorless full frame camera.

We expect Canon to announce a high resolution mirrorless full frame camera, something our sources suggest since a while. There are little doubts that Canon will announce such a camera in 2019.

More uncertain are the specifications for this camera. Rumor has it that the Canon’s high resolution mirrorless full frame camera might have a 70MP sensor and even IBIS (In Body Image Stabilisation). That’s a lot. Take this with a grain of salt.

What about the EOS 5Ds and EOS 5Ds R? Suggestions that Canon might ditch the EOS 5Ds(R) in favour of a mirrorless offering have been around since a while. Moreover, Nikon already released a high resolution model, so it’s just logic to expect Canon to do the same.

Stay tuned.

Source: Canon Rumors

Confirmed: Canon EOS RP To Feature 26MP Sensor

RF 85mm F/1.2L USM

UPDATE: a set of reliable specifications leaked.

Turns out the unknown source who yesterday suggested the Canon EOS RP will have a 26MP sensor was right.

Nokishita just leaked some specifications about the upcoming Canon EOS RP full frame mirrorless camera (machine translated):

We have been able to confirm the canon “EOS RP” at the moment. SKU is “3380c001”. “DS126751” of radio wave certification. The model ID is “K433”. Kit with 24-105MMUSM kit and Mount Adapter kit. 26.2 million pixel full-size sensor. Battery “LP-E17.” Supports external grip “EG-E1”

Model denomination K433 has been used for registration at a wireless certification authority. The EOS RP is Canon’s next full frame mirrorless camera, it’s an entry level camera and it will come as kit with the RF 24-105mm lens and bundled with the EF to RF lens adapter.

A previously rumored list of specifications has now to be considered unreliable.

The fact the EOS RP has a 26MP sensor will lead many to argue Canon has recycled the Canon EOS 6D Mark II sensor.

Announcement of the EOS RP and five new RF lenses is expected for February 14, 2019.

Stay tuned.

Canon EOS RP To Feature A 26MP Sensor? [CW2] – UPDATE

Canon Rumors Canon Full Frame Mirrorless

Update 1/6/19: it turned out the rumor is reliable.

An unconfirmed suggestion showed up in our inbox, coming from unknown source. The upcoming Canon EOS RP might have a 26MP sensor.

Earlier a rumor emerged suggesting the EOS RP will have a 24MP sensor. In favour of a 26MP sensor there is a yet unreleased Canon camera which leaked a year ago through a wireless certification authority.

The unreleased camera denominated K433 has these (machine translated) specifications:

  • Mirrorless camera
  • Full size [full frame, editor’s note]
  • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
  • Maximum image size of test machine: 6240 × 4160 [makes up to 26MP, editor’s note]
  • Probably will be released within 1 year data as 5D Mark IV [K349], the image size may be a dummy possibility)

As fas as we know this camera has not yet been released. On the other hand, the poorly translated “image size may be a dummy possibility” might also mean there is no 26MP full frame mirrorless camera on Canon’s agenda. This is not the first time a 26MP sensor suggestion comes up, but there was some confusion about the denomination. So, it looks the Canon EOS RP might have a 26MP sensor. The announcement is on February 14.

Any help appreciated, sound off in the comment section.

Canon’s Next EOS R Model Is Entry Level, Costs $1600, And Has One Card Slot, Announcement Feb 14

Canon Eos R

Canon’s next full frame mirrorless camera will most probably not be a high resolution model as we wrote. It will be a competitively priced entry level model.

A good source told us it will sell at $1,600, and have one card slot, which is to expect at this price. The moniker EOS RP is most likely.

So far we do not have more specifications to share but I’m sure more information will show up soon.

Stay tuned.

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Canon Eos 5d Mark Iv

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