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Future Canon Cameras Might Have Pop-Up Flash With LED, Patent Suggests

Canon Patent

Interesting Canon patent application (2019-056787, Japan). The patent describes a pop-up flash with LEDs. This is interesting for videographers or anyone needing a continuous light source for their work.

From the patent literature:

[…] when using LED which carries out a continuous light as a light source of a lighting system, the measure against the heat which occurs from LED serves as problem. If the measure against heat is not performed sufficiently, LED deteriorates for a short time and there is a possibility that it may become impossible for light volume to be deteriorated or to switch on the light. If it is a lighting system removable to a camera like a Patent document 2, in order to radiate heat in the heat which occurs from LED, it is possible to provide a radiation substrate with a large area, but in the type which has a pop-up function, it is difficult to provide a radiation substrate with a large area near the LED. 

Then, in a lighting system movable to the stowed position and usage position which used LED as the light source, an object of the present invention is to enable it to radiate heat in the heat which suppresses enlargement and occurs from LED. 

[Means for solving problem] 
To achieve the above objects, the lighting system concerning the present invention, The radiation substrate which has a light-emitting part which uses LED as a light source, and a housing, is a lighting system with the aforementioned light-emitting part movable to the stowed position stored by the aforementioned housing and the usage position projected from the aforementioned housing, and carries out surface mounting of the aforementioned LED, It has a projection surface which ejects the light from the aforementioned LED, and a reflective surface which turns the light from the aforementioned LED to the aforementioned projection surface, and it reflects, and the aforementioned radiation substrate is arranged in the surface which is not parallel to the aforementioned projection surface. 

This patent might indeed go into production sooner than later.

More Canon patent applications are listed here. Some particularly interesting patent applications we think might get into production in the next few years are these:

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