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EOS 5D Mark III video-review by Philip Bloom

I highly recommend this 19 minutes video-review of the EOS 5D Mark III by filmmaker and director Philip Bloom. There is also an accompanying  written review on his site. Well, he is not entirely satisfied by the EOS 5D Mark III (spoiler: resolution!). While it seems assessed that the EOS 5D Mark III improved sensibly regarding to moire, aliasing, and that sound recording (and workflow, for film-makers) is now much better than before, the big question everyone is raising is resolution. The EOS 5D Mark III with is conservative approach has “only” 22MP. P. Bloom writes:

In the meantime, is the camera worth the upgrade from the MkII? Well the positives are pretty positive, the sound and lack of moire and aliasing are huge. The big question is really the resolution. I will know more once I have done my side by sides.

We are waiting for this.And while we are waiting let’s see what P. Bloom says about the resolution issue:

For me, resolution was the thing I wanted to really see an improvement with. I shoot a lot of deep depth of field high detailed shots. Yes the moire and aliasing is gone it seems, and this is wonderful, but the detail is rather muddy on high detail shots.

But, wait! Things are not so bad as they seemed at a first glance. It looks as if the images coming out from the 5D Mark III are particularly wells suited for post-processing (other people playing around with their new Mark III’s told me the same). Indeed, Bloom revises his statement in some way after having pp’ed his pictures:

After doing some experimenting do some work on it in post. Bit of grading and post sharpening the footage is coming to life beautifully. Detail that is not there before is coming out….thankfully!

This is a rather interesting issue I want to investigate further in a future post. Does the whole magic of the EOS 5D Mark III only come out in post-processing? Somewhat weird if true, though it is an interesting fact (if true). Stay tuned and in the meantime check the before/after (post-processing) pictures in Bloom’s review (there are lots of sample images). The differences are noteworthy.

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