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Asia/Eu/Germany Deal: Canon EOS 6D Body Only (Eur 1562) w/ EF 24-105mm IS (Eur 2239)

eos 6d

If you live in Europe you can get the EOS 6D body only or the kit with the EF 24-105 f/4L IS USM lens for a real competitive price at DigitalRev. I calculated the price for Germany, the price may vary slightly for other European countries but is comprehensive of all taxes and custom duties. Free shipping.

For US visitors there is a good EOS 6D eBay deal here.

  • nhz

    If I understand the sales conditions correctly, the DigitalRev price does NOT include VAT/GST. So for most EU countries the price is actually about 20% higher, which is not competitive. The price is competitive only if the package slips through customs unnoticed or they indicate wrong value, but that is quite a gamble. Or am I missing something?

    List price for 6D body only in my country is EUR 1675 including 19% VAT, DigitalRev price including 20% VAT = EUR 1859.

    • Admin

      I asked DigitalRev about this issue. They confirmed that for EU countries the price is inclusive of taxes and customs

    • Admin

      It may be different for non EU countries

  • nhz

    My guess is that the DigitalRev price includes IMPORT taxes and customs (because the product has a 0% tax rate and possibly they take the small customs fee). Their small print says that VAT/GST for foreign customers is NOT included. I can’t see how a price from a Hongkong seller would include the European VAT, Hongkong is not Europe. Strange …

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