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Here They Are: Canon’s New EF 24-70mm f/4L IS and EF 35mm f/2 IS Lenses (specs and images leaked)

As expected, these are the lenses Canon will soon announce, both image stabilized: EF 24-70mm f/4L IS and EF 35mm f/2 IS. The EF 24-70mm f/4L IS will be the Canon EOS 6D's kit lens (great!).

EF 24-70mm f/4L IS specifications:

  • 15 elements in 12 groups, two aspherical lens, lens configuration sheet 2 UD lens
  • 9-blade circular aperture
  • Weather sealing
  • Full-time manual focus
  • Can switch to macro mode at the telephoto end
  • 0.2m minimum focusing distance, 0.7 times the maximum magnification
  • Hybrid IS Image Stabilizer
  • 77mm filter size
  • 600g weight, 93mm length, 83.4mm in diameter
  • Released in early December 2012
  • Expected price in Japan is ¥145 000 (including tax) – should be aroud $1800, probably less in the US

EF 35mm f/2 IS specifications:

  • 10 sheets in 8 groups, the lens structure is molded glass aspherical lens
  • 8 blade circular aperture
  • 4 stops image stabilization
  • AF motor ring USM, full-time manual focus
  • 67mm filter size
  • 62.6mm length, 77.9mm maximum diameter, 335g weight
  • Released in early December 2012
  • Expected price is Japan ¥74 000 (including tax) – should be around $900

As you can see, both lenses are expected before the end of 2012.

Source: digicame-info


  • Anton

    $900 for a 35mm?!
    $1,800 for an f4 zoom? (ok, it’s got a bit of plastic around its mounting so it’s “weather sealed”; so I guess that’s worth £1,000 does it not?)

    Dear Canon, I am sticking to my 5-10 year old Canon gear for birding; I’m afraid that I cannot afford any of your new products.

    I hope you enjoy watching your enthusiast-hobbyists customers walk straight into the arms of Panasonic, Olympus and NEX for their walk-around needs. Well done.
    And make sure you blame recession, the Greek economy and the strong yen the next time you announce falling profits to your share-holders. See ya!

    • TLS

      I can only agree with you, I’m giving up on Canon, I’m just glad I don’t have a lot of gear, but the company is simply not offering the kind of products I’m interested in any more…

  • Dan

    Every one of Canon’s new lenses give awesome performance so I don’t doubt for a moment that these lenses will be great…but who the heck was asking for these. Canon’s pricing has gone to ridiculous levels (these are no exception) but I can’t understand what idiot is prioritizing a 35mm f/2 IS or an f/4 24-70 IS. If you are going to charge us whatever the hell you want to, then give us the lens we all wanted, a 24-70 IS f/2.8. Now we have a 24mm & 28mm IS with only a 2.8 max aperture and now this 35mm f/2 that is priced almost as high as the f/1.4 35mm and not even an L lens??? Why not put a real USM motor in the 50mm f/1.4 and give us something we all want to buy. And if you are going to charge a $500 premium to put IS on a non L prime lens than please don’t bother. Thank you Tamron for making the 24-70mm f/2.8 vc and for making it a decent lens. Canon is charging way too much for a lens with trade-offs. I love my Canon 70-200 f/2.8 IS II because even though it is expensive, it has virtually no trade-offs and is the best of the best period but I’m not going to spend $500 more and loose a stop of light.

  • brudy

    I’m not sure about $900 for a 35/2 – the IQ better be amazing and way beyond the current 35/2. Who’s asking for IS on that lens anyway? I guess video, but geez. I’m also not sure about the f4 on the 24-70. It’s too slow, especially for a kit lens and for $1800. Look at the 17-55 2.8 IS. Amazing IQ, faster, IS – 600 cheaper. It sounds like Canon is gouging FF owners.

    As someone who is very interested in the 6D, I guess I’ll be buying body only and going with the 17-40 and perhaps a zeiss 50mm (i have a 7d now and a mix of EF and EF-s lenses). So I’m interested in a 24-70, but only 2.8 and with IS.

  • ZERO

    $1800 for 24-70 when a new 24-105 can be had for less than $800???? Who is in charge of the recent Canon’s prices??? This person needs his/her meds ASAP!

  • Another Thought

    No doubt these lenses will be optically superb. Canon is on a roll with their lenses.

    However, the rumored price points are way too high. The price of the new 24-70 w/ the 6D had better be a competitive deal, because if it’s much higher than the Nikon D600 w/ its kit lens then it will be a non starter for many. Imagine of the 6D plus this 24-70 f4 kit ends up being around $1000 more than the Nikon D600 kit…which it very well could be if the rumored price point holds and there is no major concession on price for buying it as a kit.

    Overall, Canon seems to be in a rut. Their camera bodies are good, solid releases, but nothing earth shattering, nothing exciting, and compared to the competition perhaps even a bit overpriced. Their lenses are absolutely top notch, even spectacular, but generally overpriced.

    Canon needs to turn it around. Remember, their 5d and 5dii sold so well because they were perceived as exciting groundbreaking new cameras, at a reasonable price. The formula is simple: give us exciting products, at a good price.

  • Matewr3

    that would mean 1700 euro for the 24-70mm ….. LOL

    canon is out of control…..

  • Admin

    These are not official US prices. Will probably be lower in US

  • ef

    I had an opportunity to sell all my Nikon gear for a good price and I am in unique position to start with a blank slate. I am your typical enthusiast, family and travel photographer. My intention is (maybe was) to buy the new Canon gear (6D as main camera, EOS M as travel camera, 2-3 lenses), but more I look into cost/benefit, more I question why would I do it when:

    – Fuji XE-1 + 18-55/2.8-4 IS + 35/1.4 costs $1900, which is less than the 6D, and can buy all the other Fuji lenses for price of 24-70

    – Olympus OMD + Panasonic 12-35/2.8 IS costs $2200, and can add a 45/1.8 and 75/1.8 for another $1300

    Both cameras seem to be superb, comparable to 6D, maybe even better. Can someone (maybe from Canon) still convince me to spend 3 times the money for the Canon gear ?

    • Admin

      Good point ef. Would wait with the 6D. As for travel: I bought an EOS M for this purpose, arrived today. Can’t say much for the time being (a review will come), but size, weight, features, and image quality out of the box seem to be perfectly suited for travel photography. More to come.

    • brudy

      I wouldn’t try to convince you to go Canon. I’m also contemplating and OMD or one of the fuji’s (most likely the XPRO1) as a complement to my 6D (for landscapes mostly). The fujis have amazing IQ, although AF isn’t the best (looks better than the eos-m though). The OMD is a nice, very small camera, and as long as you have the better lenses the IQ looks good enough. Sometimes a lot of the images out there have a p&s flatness to them, but it seems with the better lenses (the ones you have stated and I’d add the 25/1.4 pana), the IQ looks pretty good. It’s probably more of an allrounder than the fujis, but as more lenses come out, the system will fill out.

  • ef

    Thanks for replying ! At least I see that i am not losing the plot.

    Some of the best photos I have taken are with the Fuji X100, which for those who do not know is a $900 35/2 lens with a pretty decent camera attached. It has the same price as above 35/2 lens, but one needs to buy a $2000 camera to get similar results. AF is a bit slow indeed, but is always accurate.

    I have a book to recommend to Canon (and Nikon) execs – Clayton Christensen’s The Innovators Dilemma. Has been around for a while and there is a Japanese translation too. Because it seems that the time for disruption has arrived.

  • AG

    I don’t understand Canon. Why not just update the 24-105 to a Mark II. I can understand a modest price increase for better IS and weight reduction, but this is absurd and we lose 35mm of reach. Why would I want this lens over the 24-105 based on price alone. Fail.

  • Another Thought

    The size and weight of the 24-70 looks tempting…if Canon can deliver this with the 6D as a kit for the same price as the Nikon D600 kit, they might have themselves a winner…but that if a big if considering the rumors about the price of the lens alone…

  • Ben

    I think 24-70 f/4L is small, light and with macro on the 70mm(0.7x)
    I can assume the IQ on the 70mm should be good given it’s macro ability

    The selling point of 6D is it’s portability
    So this lens should be the best match for 6D

    Except for the price…..

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