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Video: Is Metabones Working On A SpeedBooster For EOS M?

SpeedBooster For EOS M? That’s what the videos above and below suggests (by user ckstoa on YouTube). The video above shows an adapter taken from a box with Metabones written on. The used camera is clearly an EOS M (the AF for sure :-) ). In the video below you can clearly see the Metabones logo on the adapter. Is this a prototype undergoing testing? Metabones never mentioned the EOS M mount explicitly, they were just stating that “support for other mounts will be added in the future”.

Interesting news! Would be cool to have a Speed Booster for the Canon EOS M (price & specs). Btw, the EOS M used in the videos has Magic Lantern installed on it.

Thanks to the reader who sent in the link.

Canon EOS M price check: Amazon, B&H Photo, Digitalrev, eBay, Adorama, Canon USA

  • Eric

    Given the poor sales of EOS-M, why bother? Why not spend more resources on the m43 adapter?

    • aaron


      EOS M is dead on arrival – Canon have let down their customers and will continue to bleed customers and it can release a decent product. What they have so far is a joke.

  • kodachromeguy

    Roger at Lens Rentals said the EOS-M has superb image quality. For someone who does not need fast AF performance (landscapes or architecture, for example), the EOS-M might be a interesting experiment when the price drops to $199 or even $299.

  • Steve

    EOS is one of the best affordable APSC video camera out there. Canon will surely improve AF performance for still photography in its next iteration. EOSM mount is here to stay!

  • Gary

    The M was on sale for $200 with the 2mm, f/2 lens. A whole lot of people then bought this camera. Canon released a firmware update that fixed AF. Magic Lantern is working on the M and is still in development. The Metabones would eliminate the need for the Canon adapter that allows EF lenses and we would get the increase in speed/light. I hope it happens.

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