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More G1 X samples and reviews

So, while we are waiting to know what’s going on with the 5DMk2 successor, the G1 X started to hit the shelfs in Asia and US (according to forum posts). Moreover, Canon Asia has the manuals ready for download (click here). Cool!

Having people buying the G1 X means having people that posts pics in forums (click here, and here for ISO 1600 pics). If you prefer a more professional approach, DPreview posted some studio test samples at different ISO settings (click here).

And there are obviously appearing more and more reviews. Let’s start with Cnet’s review (there is also a video) final verdict:

The good: The Canon PowerShot G1 X delivers excellent photo quality and a nice shooting design.
The bad: Two flaws stand out: the camera’s underperforming lens and sluggish shooting speed.
The bottom line: A big camera capable of shooting some lovely photographs, the Canon PowerShot G1 X’s slow lens disappoints given its high price.

Next, Engadget’s review. They write…:

If you demand that an $800 camera contributes to your photography with “extras” like high ISO, interchangeable lenses or exceptional macro prowess, then the G1 X has rivals that are perhaps more worthy of your consideration. However, having used the G1 X heavily for a few days, we can look past its weaknesses — even its underwhleming battery life and uninformative OVF — and admit we’ve become quite attached to it. Our affection has everything to do with the large sensor, fast lens and the overall physicality of the camera — its design, feel, and the accessibility of its controls. If you want a tool for capturing high-impact images, and not necessarily for adding impact to your images, then the G1 X ought to suit you fine.

Another review I want to list can be found at They conclude that:

[…] if you want an all-in-one fixed-lens camera that offers a tried and trusted user interface, excellent image quality, full HD video and a versatile screen, the Canon Powershot G1 X is easy to recommend.

Another interesting video is DigitalRev’s hands-on review of the G1 X:

For pre-ordering in the USA check the following links: Amazon US (click here) free shipping, Adorama (click here) free shipping, B&H (click here) free shipping, J&R (click here). Readers from outside the US can start to check the following links to see if pre-ordering is possible: B&H Photo, Adorama, Amazon USA, Amazon Canada, Canon Canada, Canon USA. The G1 X is now too. Check these offers with the necessary awareness.


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