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More Hints That Canon Could Soon Announce the Next EOS M (two of them)

Canon Deals

More cues that we could soon see a/two new Canon EOS M camera(s). The latest rumor suggests that Canon could announce an entry level and a more feature-rich EOS M body at the same time. The more pro oriented body should be available with some interesting accessories, as an EVF and a new flash. The basic model is said to come with more color options as the actual EOS M and to have a concretely lower price tag. Hints that these rumors are solid are also given by the fact that more and more shops lists the EOS M as discontinued. FInally, there should be a new telephoto lens for the EOS M system.

I have been told (and am pretty sure) that Canon will announce the new EOS M before X-Mas- Stay tuned.

B&H still has some EOS M kits and all are heavily discounted, same for Amazon.

[via CR]
  • Eric

    before X-Mas? Forget it.

  • Cat

    Any news on whether the next EOS-M will have the new dual-pixel AF sensor from the 70D ? It would make sense, at least for the “advanced” model, given their auto-focus problems that ruined the EOS-M sales.

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