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New Canon EOS 7D Mark II Rumor

A  Far East Source told Northlight Images some new tidbits, mainly concerning the position of the the Canon EOS 7D Mark II in Canon`s lineup. NL had word

[…] that the 7D Mk2 is going to be firmly aimed at the sports and nature market, with a lot of features based on feedback from ‘pro’ users. The 10 fps rate is seen as an important feature, along with many features derived from 1DX developments, particularly AF and lower light performance Sensor size would be advertised as 21MP, but faster and less noisy than the 7D (25MP was apparently seen as not offering enough image quality) The 6D is aimed at a proportion of the 7D market, giving more flexibility in upping the 7Dmk2 specifications (and price). The current 7D will continue for some time and surplant the 60D, when the 700D comes along with increased specifications.

While it’s pretty much sure that the Canon 7DmarkII will be announced in Spring specs are coming (and changing) every couple of days/weeks. So take these rumors with a grain of salt!

  • physics

    Wonder how a higher MP cmos will have a better noise performance……the 7D’s 18MP CMOS did not have a promising noise performance…..if high ISO are not useable , then whatever how high the FPS are , it is still useless…

    Also caring about the selling price…if it is higher then 6D , I think it will not selling hot…

  • I’m in a bit of disbelief that Canon is looking to tailor their next camera to a specific industry. It seems as of late, they just mix and match parts and see’s who buys them :-\

  • James

    Pricing will be everything for this to sell. It can’t be anywhere near a 6D or very few people will buy it including myself.

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