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New Canon mirrorless camera coming Q3-Q4 2016? [CW4]

New Canon Mirrorless Camera Coming Q3-Q4 2016? [CW4]

We already knew that Canon will likely announce a new mirrorless camera during 2016. Now we have sort of a confirmation by a Canon executive.

Please note: the following text is machine translated with some editorial additions and corrections. The original article was posted on (emphasis mine).

Canon Marketing Japan Imaging System Company, president Yagi Koichi Managing Executive Officer [says] “in the third quarter and fourth quarter of 2015, we have been able to ship a lot of mirror-less […] cameras, [but we are] not yet satisfied […]. At present [we are working on] new products, but [we can not] mention, the third quarter in 2016, towards the fourth quarter and that the mirror-less market is forecast to grow, Canon’s share of the mirror-less camera market [in the last] two years ago [was] the 4. position, we want to aim at the 3. position [intended as ranking, editor’s note]. By all means [we want to get the] second place this year […]. And, because second place [is the] middle of the goal, [as] soon as possible [we] want to take the seat of the number one[…].

Canon Marketing Japan Shibasaki Hiroshi Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer, says it also “to implement an aggressive sales promotion measures to tow the camera market with a focus on mirror-less camera.”

While a full-frame Canon mirrorless camera is rumored since a while, I guess the interview refers to a new model of the EOS M line-up. What do you think…?

  • Pancanikonpus

    what kind of manager is this? few years back mentioned mirrorless not important and today said want to be no1 in mirrorless. Canon imaging employee should rank this under perform manager, because if they started few years back, now already no2 and now smoothly transition to no1 haha

  • Europa and JDM

    Just please no more crop sensors.

  • Thinkinginpictures

    Commitment Canon- commitment. You’ll have to go all out on a FF and well…that just doesn’t seem likely.

  • Caerolle

    What, time for the M10 Mk II already?

  • Taiyo Watanabe

    The original text makes no mention of any specific future products or strategies. It only discusses Canon’s recent move to gain market share in a growing mirrorless market and its intent to be in the No1 position.

  • Matthew

    Does this mean they intend to release something prior to 3rd quarter this year to achieve that goal, or plan to release it by the 3rd quarter? I’m thinking the latter which is a bummer, but, my trusty M3 does me well, for now, just wish for better AF performance and continuous shooting… *sigh*

    Edit: on re-read, would appear they plan to release during the 3rd quarter, which would coincide with prior rumors of a 3rd quarter 2016 release of a Pro-Mirrorless offering; at least the specs on that rumor are pretty beefy.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    Why has nobody offered us a SONY FF mirrorless competitor? Leica SL sounds great but competes like a Bentley does with Honda

  • Rick

    I think this is being mis-interpreted. it appears to indicate that Canon sees a growth in mirrorless the last 3rd, and 4th quarters of next year.

    They state they are working on new products as an independent fact.

    Also .. the rankings are weird, they are already 3rd. there’s alot of things a little messed up with that, I’d try to get someone to translate the original content before stating this as somewhat fact, or something “canon stated”.

  • Rick

    bing translate seems to make more sense:

    Yagi, one officer in the Canon imaging systems company President is “not able to ship quite a number of mirrorless cameras in the third quarter and fourth quarter by 2015, but still happy. Expects not to mention about the new product at the moment, but in 2016, for the third quarter and fourth quarter expands mirrorless market “and then” Canon in the mirrorless camera market share two years ago, fourth and last year’s third place. I aim at second place this year. Second place and it is a goal along the way. Want to take the number one spot as soon as possible “with eagerness.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    M stands for meh

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