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[Readers Contribute] Possible Canon EOS 70D Release Date Based On (clever) Math

Our reader Chris did an interesting reasoning about when the Canon EOS 70D may be released. I post his thoughts as they were sent to me.

I've tried to calculate a possible release for the “70D” and on the Dutch Wikipedia of the 60D, I've seen a interesting chart. Two facts: The 40D (2007), 50D (2008) and 60D (2010) we're all released by the 3rd quarter of the year. The whole xxD-series has been released between the first and third quarter, never the 4th quarter. And the 60D is now by far out the recordholder of all the Dxx / xxD's if you look at the time between an existing and announced xxD:

1. 60D 27 months old (release: 26 august 2010 and still getting older)

2. 50D 24 months old (release: 28 august 2008)

3. 40D 12 months old (release: 20 August 2007)

So add everything together: 60D is at low stock at least in Western Europe (Netherlands, Germany and Belgium) while the (body)price is dropping for 2 months. Even with a “low” price, Canon offers an 50-100 euro cashback on the 60D body/kit. It looks like they're trying to get rid of the last stock. The cashback is untill 29th of january 2013, and combine with the fact that the release will be between january and august or 3rd quarter 2013.

Between now and 6 months, we'll see at least a replacer for the 60D or an official press release…thats a fact.

PS: Here's the Dutch Wikipedia chart (underneath the page) of the xxD releases:

Yes, this really makes a sense. Thank you Chris! The discussion about the 60D stock levels started here.

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  • Lets see how the spec looks like

  • @admin/owner: Thanks for sharring my thoughts !

    @ Ronnie Chan
    At least a DIGIC5 like the 650D haha


  • peevee

    According to the guess-work, 70D should have been released in August’11 or August’12. And it is not here (BTW, it is 28 months old, not 27). Another guess is that they decided not to release it with the same (or lightly updated – see T4i) sensor as it would not make much difference anyway. So it should be released when the new sensor technology is ready.

  • CanonEOSPunk

    WOW!!! Simply amazing. This guy should be a detective or something. Fail.

  • Uhjshwe

    so we will see a 60D in the first 8 month of 2013.. big deal… i could say you that wihtout any mumbo jumbo….

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