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[Review] Canon EOS 6D vs Nikon 600D Comparisons Videos And Round-Up (and 6 reasons to take the EOS 6D)

Some comparisons between the two new entry level full-frame DSLRs: the Canon EOS 6D (click here for specs) vs Nikon’s D600 (click here for specs).

Thenewcamera analyzes and compares the specifications of the two cameras. Their conclusion:

Features and core specifications make [the] Canon 6D more attractive. […] Both DSLRs have full frame sensor […] Nikon offers advance AF system […] Canon offers you more AF working range and built-in GPS and WiFi

Photographer Benjamin Kanarek is considering to buy one, and hence discusses the pro and contra of each brand. Check his post if you’re in a similar dilemma. He concludes:

I really love the ergonomics of the Canon and find the look of the Nikon a bit plastic. I know it isn’t but it sure looks like it in my opinion. I do like the fact that the Canon sensor is only packing 20 megapixels thus more real estate per pixel which translates in to better noise performance, generally speaking.

Looking for the right reasons to get an EOS 6D? Have a look to the video below (to be honest, in Kanarek’s post there is also a video showing 6 good reasons to get a Nikon D600; won’t feature it here :-) )

Canon’s EOS 6D can be preordered at the following shops:


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