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Rolling shutter jello comparison: 5D Mark III vs Sony Nex 7

Photographer Mike Kobal did an interesting test using a EOS 5D Mark III and Sony’s NEX 7 to demonstrate the rolling shutter effect. Mike’s premise:

Keep in mind this is an extreme test to demonstrate the rolling shutter effect, no one in their right mind would pan like this. However, there are plenty of real life situations when the jello effect suddenly becomes a problem, a fast train or car passing will have leaning windows and elliptical wheels, or watching a chase scene with moving camera and subjects will make you dizzy. Until we get global shutters, the jello effect is CMOS sensor’s biggest Achilles Heel.

If you never heard about the rolling shutter effect, the short video that follows will give you an idea. Otherwise jump over and read on.

You may wonder why two cameras not in the same league are compared. It makes sense, since theoretically the Nex 7 should perform better because of its smaller APSC sensor (the rolling shutter effect increases with sensor size).  The EOS 5D Mark III was set to 1080/24P, ISO 100, Shutter Speed 1/50th, F/8, white balance 5600K, Picture Style Neutral. The NEX 7 to  1080/24P, ISO 100, Shutter Speed 1/50, F/8, Picture style Portrait. Sharpening, contrast, saturation have been turned down to zero on both cameras.

Let us first have a look at Mike’s video:

The weird thing is that the EOS 5D Mark III performs better that the Sony NEX 7, which is surprising to some degree. Mike writes:

Surprise, the 5D3 kicks Nex 7′s gluteus maximus, I sure didn’t expect that from the FF sensor, either the Canon is very good or the Sony just terrible, your pick :) !

If you have a look at the crops below you can clearly see that the NEX 7 produces more moire than the EOS 5D Mark III

Credits: Mike Kobal

Yeah, what shall I say? Maybe that the EOS 5D Mark III is a great great camera? :-)

There are much more test pictures and crops you can analyze in Mike’s post (which is absolutely worth to be read: click here).

BTW, Mike has also a post about his brand new EOS 5D Mark III (click here) and provided us a nice unpacking video:

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Have a nice day (or night)… :-)

  • EumRarne

    Your point being?
    When it comes to rolling shutter jello however, the Sony still outperforms the Canon. Just look at the angle the building makes in the crops.
    Of course a FF will outperform an APS-C camera with similar resolution, but that wasn’t the point.

    • Frank

      The point is that regarding the rolling shutter effect the the ff canon 5D3 performs better than the apsc sized Sony, while it should be the opposite. I do not agree that the rolling shutter effect is less visible in the Sony crops. Have a look at Mike’s original post to see more crops. And there are much less artifacts (amplified by panning) in the 5D3 crops. Though this should not come to surprise, given the 5D3’s bigger sensor.

      • EumRarne

        Right. So you’re talking about pure image quality again, where rolling shutter only causes image deformation. And the crops that are shown in the article show less deformation in the Sony video (the building in the Canon crop is leaning over a bit more). Which seems logical as stated by the author since the sony has a much smaller sensor.
        As for the 22MP, this coincidently is one of the ideal pixel distributions for video. 22MP means about 5760 pixels wide which is 1920*3. Hence better video quality, due to the absence of in camera resizing.

        So in my opinion, the Canon sensor is a lot better, but not faster and therefore does not “the 5D3 kicks Nex 7′s gluteus maximus” when it comes to rolling shutter effect.

  • Mando

    Without cropping in and just seeing both videos as is they both looked really good :)

  • Xy W

    What a absurd comparison! nobody does it! and if you does it nobody will see your videos ! The colors of the NEX are by far better that the ones of the Canon! Really a bad way to show the diff.

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