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Rumor: Canon EOS 7D Mark II Release Postponed To 2014?

7D Mark II

A new, not-so-funny rumor concerning the Canon EOS 7D Mark II, the anticipated successor of the Canon EOS 7D (price & specs), surfaced on the web. It is now murmured that Canon will not release the EOS 7D Mark II during 2013. There could be an announcement, but 7D Mark II will be released no earlier than 2014. If true, it means that we will see only the announcement (and hopefully) release of the Canon EOS 70D this year. Not good news for all those who are looking forward to replace the 3 year old EOS 7D, or are waiting to get the new iteration of the 7D.

However, there could be several lenses that will get announced during 2013.

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[via CR]
  • Eric

    No more expectation on Canon

  • peevee

    ” Not good news for all those who are looking forward to replace the 3 year old EOS 7D”

    It is almost 4 y/o already.
    But still – Canon does not have to replace it because there is still no more capable APS-C sports camera competition. Brand new D7100 can only do 6 fps in APS-C, and the buffer for RAWs is too short. K-5 II does only 7 fps and AF system is nowhere near. By releasing 7D2 too early, they might miss on possible technological improvements such as faster processors essential for such a camera.

    Meanwhile, D7100 beats 60D in every possible way except it does not have articulated screen, hence 60D needs upgrade ASAP.

    Canon might be behind in many technologies, but good at milking the market where the money are.

  • dan

    Guess i’ll be holding on to the 7D a bit longer. It’s still a solid camera, especially for sports/wildlife, even against the new Nikon D7100. There is a nice side by side test review between the two and the 7D still holds it’s own in many areas.

  • 42343242

    canon 56% market share.. huge profits.

    all other suck balls… red numbers…. canon must do something right.

    in 5 years when panasonic and olympus are broke and sony is nearly broke… canon will still making cameras.

    my guess is the 7D MK2 and the big megapixel monster will use a new manufacturing process.
    canon has to update or build new factorys for that…. and that needs time.

    • Pei

      I hope Canon do have some amazing manufacturing process in the work.

  • This really sucks since I know Nikon will now push their release date for the D400 back now too….. But I’m sure the D400 will still be released first…

  • There isn’t much information out there about Canon’s next APS-C cameras. Canon has alluded to the fact that both cameras are coming, we just don’t know when. We’ve been told previously by very good sources that only the EOS 70D will be available in 2013, though the EOS 7D Mark II could be announced in late 2013 for early 2014 availability.

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