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Rumor: Canon EOS C50 On The Way?

Another Canon Cinema EOS related rumor. Canon Rumors writes that

[t]here have been numerous mentions of a camera coming in under the Canon EOS C100, an EOS C50 if you will. What could be removed from the EOS C100 to make another cinema EOS camera a lot cheaper? Currently a C100 costs about $6500, and we’ve been told numerous times that Canon thinks they’ll need a cheaper camera to get more people into the system and in turn, the upgrade path.

Apparently there are some prototypes out in the wild. We will see. Such a camera would be situated below the C100. But since the C100 is already heavily criticized for being too much crippled down, the question is what Canon could feature on a possible C50. Actually, the C100 is the cheapest in the line-up.

Canon C100 at B&H and Adorama

Canon C300 at B&H and Adorama

Canon C500 at B&H and Adorama

Canon eos c50

The Canon EOS C100



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