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Rumor: Canon’s 2013 Roadmap (Lenses, New Rebel, EOS 70D, High Res DSLR)

One of my sources informed me about Canon's 2013 roadmap. The source is reliable, was right in the past. So, here comes the rumor:

  • New EOS video lenses before the end of January 2013. No hints about specs or focal lengths
  • New EOS-M lenses in Q1 (February-March). The source was referring to prime lenses, possibly a 35mm or 50mm faster than f/3.5 (f/2.8 was suggested), could have image stabilization.
  • At least two new DSLRs before March 2013. One being a new Rebel, the other most probably the EOS 70D
  • And finally: the rumored high megapixel DSLR (at least 46MP) could be announced during Q3. Unfortunately no specs here, except that it will have 6fps, and a newly designed sensor with very good low ISO performance. No hints about the name, but it will not have the “D” in the name. It's said to be something “very new” and specifically aimed at studio photography. Prototypes already undergoing tests.

My take: sounds all plausible. Unfortunately, without specifications it's hard to get an idea. Moreover, translation was difficult and I can't be sure something didn't get lost in translation. Nevertheless:

  • Canon will most probably announce some more lenses for the EOS-M mount. At least they should, imo.
  • The EOS 60D is definitely due to be replaced by an EOS 70D. I think this is the most reliable of the rumors listed above
  • The high resolution DSLR was already rumored in the past. The only new spec (6fps) is credible. The previous rumor was about 10fps, which sounds weird to me. A 10 fps camera with 46MP needs lots of processing power, and a very performing hardware. 6fps are more close to what is feasible with a 46MP sensor.


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