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[Rumor] Canon’s Medium Format Camera Tidbits And Maybe No Pro Oriented Mirrorless At Photokina

I have got some new information about Canon’s murmured upcoming medium format DSLR, said to be announced at Photokina in September. My source told me that the camera will have an EF mount but may not be named EOS. Moreover, the medium format DSLR could possibly not accept all of the EF lenses, due to focal length issues. In other words: newer EF lenses will be supported and (older) lenses with popular focal lengths that actually are suited for full frame sensors will see new editions for the medium format camera (possibly in Spring 2013). Since an EF mount accepts all EF lenses, the only way I can figure out you can block certain EF lenses from being used is through electronic sensing (my speculation). It is not known if the medium format DSLR will have a mechanical interlock for EF-S lenses (though I think this is more than plausible).

Finally, the same source told me that Canon could not announce a more pro oriented mirrorless system camera in Fall (Photokina), leveraging first the recently announced EOS M.

That’s all folks. Let me know your thoughts.

  • 24321421

    don´t get me wrong but no way that EF lenses have an image circle that fits medium format.

    how shall this work?

    • Admin

      Good question.
      The reason is the image circle diameter of the respective lenses.

    • Gunnar

      i guess Canon simply defines their own “medium format” ;) which could be something like a square FF sensor or such.. like they have their own size for APS-C

      the pro mirrorless is probably in the works, but no pro would buy a cam with the current AF performance as in the EOS M ;)

      • jake

        not all pros use AF and many pros actually use the NEX7 and the EM5 for some works.

  • PJ McKenna

    When you say “could not announce” does that mean:
    o “would not announce, but has such a camera in the works”
    o “has no such camera”?

    • Admin

      “would not announce, but has such a camera in the works”

  • WT21

    The only thing I care about is a compact, cheaper FF camera BUT it has to have MA. Without MA, it would be a real miss.

  • DW

    If it does have a EF mount, and is a DSLR, how big a mirror assembly can that 44mm flangeback accomodate, together with all the shutter mechanisms and AF module? I am slightly skeptical….

    • Mistral75

      You are absolutely right. So either this alleged medium format is mirrorless, or this rumour is pure invention.

    • Pei

      Sony put a two stage mirror mechanism into A900 and A850 as to clear all the IBIS, OVF, liveview and AF parts.

  • ayin

    Well, EF only means Electronical Focus. So for sure there will be absolutely new lenses for that kind of camera.

  • Mark

    I don’t care about a medium format. My work doesn’t really need more than the 5D mk3.

    So I would like a pro mirrorless to have as a second body, something like a Nex 7, but in canon so I can use my lenses and other gear on a job as the back up camera, I don’t need two 5d’s sitting in my bag one never being used.

    On weekends i could use it as my family camera, if it came with a 16-75 ( or something like that) which would make it something like a 24-105? that would solve all my needs. It would need a good focusing system and a small built in flash for fill. there you have it Canon, that’s what I need, anyone else?


  • EnPassant

    Some years ago there were rumors about MX, a new Nikon Medium Format camera. It turned out to be the Nikon D3x. Not actually Medium Format, just in practical terms as good as MF, well at least 645 film size.

    This is the same. Using the EF mount we can’t expect anything bigger than a full frame 24×36 mm sensor. A high MP (40+?) answer to Nikon D800 has been vaguely rumored since long time. Considering the turmoil D800 created among Canon users, with many considering migration to Nikon, Canon must come with a response to keep their loyal, advanced users satisfied.

    The same can be said about a competitor to Nikon D600. Assuming Canon will release those cameras one can wonder how those will affect the sales of 5DIII?

  • B

    Would love a mirrorless camera about the price and feature set of the 60D (but updated specs of course).

    Also must have 1080p 60p.

  • mocha

    If the so called MF sensor is just 40mm X 30mm, I believe the lenses with focal length longer than 60mm may able to cover the area. Of course, the corner drop off should be quite obvious and the sharpness might not be good. If Canon is smart enough, I prefer to an interchangable sensor system to prolong the product life. Don’t follow the step of Pentax 645D.

    • 24321421

      makes no sense.. why MF when you cripple it with lenses not made for it?

      i call this EF mount rumor bulls**t

    • jake

      yeah half sized 645D like the Pentax and Leica S2 are literally dead after the D800E but the real 645D like Hassy H4D , Phase IQ180,etc are still alive.

  • mocha

    By the way, I think there is one already.

  • To me, a medium-format camera makes more sense than a Canon equivalent to Nikons D800. The image quality just isn’t much better and the performance hits… I think Canon feels the same by keeping MPs the same on the 1Dx and 5DM3.

    So Medium Format makes sense especially if they can make it in the $5000 – $6000 range. It will complement the 1DX nicely and not compete with it. Totally different camera and lens system.

    I think Canon realized that in Full Frame format, the megapixel race is over and it’s time to move-on to bigger things and a longer-term vision.

  • Can you please fix the last name on my previous post? I wrote Fomez instead of Gomez. Thanks!

  • Scottie

    My thoughts?
    Och, ye cannae break the laws of physics.

  • ebjazz

    Don’t get so excited about rumours…Canon is SO slow to innovate (landing in the mirrorless segment SO late with one body that doesn’t appeal to a lot of photographer’s enthusiasts…) As a long time Canon DSLR user, i don’t find any excitment with their latest models (including the mirroless toy & exluding the pro segment)

  • Dave

    Perhaps they use some sort of optical magnification to expand the EF lens image to a larger sensor? Sounds crazy, but might make sense. Imagine a MF-sized sensor with similar resolution to the D800, but the larger pixel sites could produce cleaner images at all ISO’s, more dynamic range, etc.

    • Tanja S.

      nope sure not.. that will always decrease image quality.
      and you don´t buy MF for such a cheap “workaround”.

    • Night portrait won’t work buescae it leaves the shutter open for one second, lots of blur.There really is no best that I know of. The only way is to shoot, check, reset and shoot again.I would use manual and experiment with shutter and aperture. Low light and moving people always yields blur, no way around it. If you’re allowed to use flash and are close enough, that may help with the blur. If there’s no flash allowed then experiment.

  • Tanja S.

    how can a EF lens, which image circle is made for a FF sensor, work on a medium format sensor? can someone explain that?

    maybe this means that some EF lenses can be uses on a medium format canon but then the camera will go into a “FF crop mode”….. using only a part of the sensor.

    but for the full medium format glory you sure need new lenses.. not?

    would the current EF mount physically big enough to support a medium format sensor?

    • Certainly. You could put a square in the image circle that the current lens cover – 24 x 36. you should at least be able to make a square around 32mm x 32 mm without any problem which would give you a sensor size of 1024mm2 compared to 864 mm2 on FF. I think it would be kinda cool. better than cropping into a FF if you shoot square.

      It wouldn’t need a pentaprisim, just make it mirrorless with the same 44 mm back focus. Put a display on the top like shooting with a waist level finder, plus one on the back. For people that complain about glare in sunshine a loupe like is used for video would work fine. Basically just a box with a sensor.

      What I would really like to see though is a 16:9 camera that uses the full size of the image circle. I am guessing around 40mm x 22.5 should fit. to my eye 16:9 is a much more pleasing ratio than 3:2, but I have always been a sucker for wide angle.

  • Houdy

    The Nikon 35mm 1.8G is a DX lens made for a 1.5x crop sensor. However the lens is actually suitable to use with larger sensors up to 1.2x.

  • cameralover

    my guess is that the sensor size must be about 39x26mm (3:2 ratio) or 40x30mm (4:3 ratio), smaller sensor than that of Pentax 645D and Leica S2. and the price tag will be around 10K to 15K. if this is the fact, I don’t know how far those current EF lenses can compete in term of quality with those of Pentax and Leica.

    seems like 2013 will be the year for MF battle, since there are also rumors floating around the web about the new Pentax and Leica MF with CMOS sensor. however, MP count does’nt guarantee you the much better image quality. Bigger sensor does. In fact, the Nikon D800e is way behind any MF currently available in the market.

  • Ken

    EF stands for Electronical Focus. Definitely, there will be new lenses for that kind of camera.

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